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How to Scan Answer Sheets for Exams with a Single Answer Key

When using Remark Office OMR, you can quickly process an exam with a single answer key using only 1 PDF file. The instructions below will guide you through the process of scanning the exam answer sheets and key in preparation for processing.

Scanning Answer Sheets for Processing

  1. Orient the completed answer sheets so that they all face the same direction.
  2. Place the answer key on top of the pile.
  3. Load the organized answer sheets into the automatic feed tray on top of the copier, left edge first.
  4. If necessary, sign on to the copier.
    • Scan your DragonCard or
    • Use your Drexel logon credentials
  5. Select Home.
  6. Select Scan and Send.
  7. Select Send to Myself.
  8. Press the Start button.
  9. Once the scan is complete, select Log Off.

Saving the Scans

Once the sheets have been scanned and emailed to you, save them (changing the name to something easily recognizable) to a location where you can easily access them. LeBow Tech recommends saving these files to the root of your OneDrive.

IMPORTANT: All answers sheets must be in landscape orientation. Please carefully review the PDF you created before processing it to verify all pages are in landscape orientation.

Answer Sheet

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