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Webcam Proctoring for Online Exams


Online exams in select business courses* will be given in Drexel Blackboard LEARN and will require students to use two technologies to help ensure that no student has an unfair advantage.

  1. Students will use special software that limits or monitors access to websites, other software applications, and study materials during the exam. It is the student’s responsibility to know which additional resources (if any) are permitted during the exam and to stay within those guidelines. Exams should also be taken in a quiet environment that is free from distractions, noise, and interruptions. Exams should be taken only when a strong, reliable, and encrypted Internet connection is available (i.e. not an unencrypted public hotspot).

  2. Students are required to use a computer equipped with a webcam that will monitor and/or record them as they take the exam. This video can be reviewed later by the instructor to ensure integrity of the test. Violations of the testing restrictions or policy can affect the student’s exam score.

The software is available for Windows or Macintosh computers, but it is not currently available for Chromebooks, iPads, or other mobile devices. The actual proctoring system may change from term to term or course to course. Students should refer to the course syllabus and/or the course space on Blackboard for specific information and directions on the proctoring system being used in each class.

IMPORTANT: If your instructor allows open book exams but you are using an electronic version of the textbook, you will not be able to access that eBook or PDF on the computer running the exam software. We suggest checking with your instructor before you decide to purchase the electronic or physical version of the textbook.

Students who need accommodation for a disability which may impact the use of the above technologies should contact Drexel’s Office of Disability Resources.

Drexel is committed to respecting student privacy. These systems only have access to the camera and computer screen while the test is being taken, and video recordings are kept for a limited time. While not necessary, students can uninstall the software in between exam sessions, if desired.

For more information on purchasing a computer for business courses, please refer to the list of Computer Recommendations.

*The above applies to fully online, “asynchronous” courses that do not have a set meeting time each week. Courses that meet each week either face-to-face or via video-conference (e.g. Zoom) follow different policies and procedures.

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