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Finance Specialization

The PhD specialization in finance prepares students to conduct significant financial research. Through your course work and by working closely with the finance faculty in research, you will gain a strong understanding of the theoretical foundations of finance, an intimate knowledge of the theoretical and empirical research literature and the ability to effectively utilize the software and data bases used in financial research.

Program Goal and Outcomes

The goal of the finance PhD specialization is to provide the tools you need to become academic scholars. PhD-level Finance scholars should meet the following learning outcomes by the completion of your doctoral program:

  • Write research papers independently that will be published in the top-three journals, some of which will become highly cited
  • Present research papers well at external seminars
  • Present and discuss research papers well at conferences
  • Write good referee reports on research papers written by other scholars in the field
  • Teach effectively in the classroom

Finance Faculty

Department of Finance faculty pursue research in such areas as risk management, commercial banking, investment banking, initial public offerings, corporate governance, mutual funds, real estate finance, mergers and acquisitions, asset and capital restructuring, multinational financial strategy, global capital markets and economic and business forecasting. Their research findings have been published in leading scholarly journals.

Distinct Program Features

PhD Idol

All finance PhD students participate in this program each year where they present an idea for a summer paper to faculty reviewers. It allows them to make multiple presentations throughout their doctoral program as a way to improve their presentation skills and gain feedback on their research ideas. They present a short presentation of idea, engage in faculty-led discussion and gain feedback from faculty members.

Student Brown Bag Presentations

Presenting research papers well at conferences is one of the qualities of a complete scholar. As a finance PhD student, you are presented with multiple opportunities to present your research papers during internal brown bag seminars. Every third and fourth year student makes at least one presentation each year. This allows you to learn how to respond to questions raised during the seminar and improve your presentation skills.

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Research Conversation with
Thomas Griffin


Thomas Griffin, PhD Candidate in Finance

Has globalization contributed to recent trends in the U.S. public equity market?