PhD Admissions

PhD awardees pose for a photo

Assistantships and Financial Aid


LeBow provides its PhD students with 5 years of tuition and stipend support conditional on satisfactory progress throughout the program. PhD students are also provided with substantial support for traveling to academic conferences.

LeBow considers all admitted students for research and teaching assistant positions which include:

  • Full tuition waiver
  • 12-month stipend
  • Conference travel support
  • Dissertation Proposal Defense increase (up to $2,000 per year for candidates who successfully pass their dissertation proposal defense)


In addition to research and teaching assistant positions, faculty admissions committees may nominate top accepted students for a variety of prestigious college and university level fellowships. The fellowships increase the annual stipend.

College Level

  • Dean’s Fellowship ($5,000)
  • Dragon Fellowship ($2,500)
  • Departmental Fellowship ($500-$2,000)

University Level

  • Gold Graduate College Fellowship ($2,500)
  • Blue Graduate College Fellowship ($1,000)

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Current PhD Students may apply for a number of other awards including:

College Level

  • John C. Clark Research Award for Best Paper ($2,000)
  • John C. Clark and Margaret T. Clark PhD Teaching Awards ($1,000)

University Level

Pictured above: Di Tong (Management), Xiumei Li (Management), and Eric Lohwasser (Accounting) – 2018 winners of the John C. Clark Research Excellence Awards and the John C. Clark and Margaret T. Clark Teaching Excellence Award, with benefactor Dr. Margaret T. Clark.