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D-Forms are required by Drexel University’s Graduate College and mark the attainment of requisite milestones for PhD students and candidates as they advance through the PhD program. Below is a description of each of these forms including the expected timing of each form’s submission by PhD students and candidates.

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The information on this page should help you progress through the administrative steps in your program. Please note that all students and candidates will use the same forms.

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Travel/Research Expense Request Form

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D-1: PhD Plan of Study and Supervising Professor Appointment

A plan of study, incorporating all courses and research credits, will be formulated; after approvals are received from the student’s supervising professor, graduate adviser, and department head, the plan will be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies for final approval.
Completion Date: Spring Quarter, 1st year

D-2: Doctoral Candidacy Examination Report

This form accompanying forms D-2A must be filed with the Graduate Studies Office by the Supervising Professor/Committee Chair within 48 hours of candidacy determination.
Completion Date: Summer Quarter, 2nd year

D-2A: Doctoral Candidacy Examination Member Report

One copy of this report is to be completed by each member of the Ph.D. Candidacy Committee and returned to the hair of the Committee/Supervising Professor within 24 hours of the examination.
Completion Date: Summer Quarter, 2nd year

D-3: Dissertation Advisory Committee Appointment

The Dissertation Advisory Committee Appointment Form (D-3) is to be filed with the Graduate College via LeBow’s PhD program by the Candidate within six months prior to the scheduled date of the Dissertation Proposal Defense. The Thesis Advisory Committee should consist of at least five members, at least three of whom must be tenured or tenure-track Drexel faculty members. At least two of the committee members must be from outside the student’s primary specialization area. At least one of the committee members must be from outside the student’s department, preferably from outside the university.
Completion Date: Winter Quarter, 3rd year

Dissertation Announcement Form (Final and Proposal)

The Dissertation Announcement Form should be filed at the same time as the D-3 and D-4 forms, at least four weeks prior to the expected date of the Proposal or Final Defense.
This is an internal form to LeBow College of Business and is to be used for the formal email announcement and for addition to the LeBow College of Business website.
Completion Date:With D-3 and D-4 forms.

D-3A: Dissertation Proposal

To be filed at the same time or soon after the Defense of the Dissertation Proposal.
The defense of the dissertation proposal is a major landmark in a doctoral student’s career. The dissertation proposal presents the research questions, hypotheses, or models that are to be examined in the dissertation research, includes a thorough and critical review of the relevant literature, and specifies the methodology that will be used to examine the research questions, hypotheses or models. The approval of the dissertation proposal by the Dissertation Advisory Committee signifies the committee’s general acceptance of the research questions, hypotheses, or models as well as the methodology.
Completion Date: Summer Quarter, 3rd year

D-3B: Annual Review of Doctoral Candidates

The purpose of the annual review is to provide student a clear assessment of your strengths and to identify opportunities for professional development and to support timely and effective completion of the program.
Completion Date: Spring Quarter, 3rd/4th/5th year

D-4: Final Oral Defense Committee Appointment and Schedule

This form is used to schedule the final defense of the dissertation. It is to be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies at least four weeks prior to the final defense date.
Completion Date: 4 weeks prior to the Final Defense

D5: Report of PhD Final Oral Defense Committee

This form must be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies within 48 hours after the completion of the final oral examination. This form documents the results of the final dissertation oral defense. Students should bring Form D-5 to their examination.
Completion Date: 2 weeks prior to graduation within 48 hours after Final Defense