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Research and Thought Leadership

Drexel University is a world-class, R1 designated, comprehensive research university committed to use-inspired research with real-world applications, and the University’s research activities result in more than $110 million in annual expenditures for sponsored projects. At the Drexel LeBow College of Business, we have a proven track record of advancing industry in every aspect through our applied research and thought leadership. Our instruction and curriculum, including consulting courses and projects, is guided through an evidence-based approach and builds on the core capability of Drexel University, experiential learning.

LeBow continues to partner with organizations at every level and across industries to provide targeted research and executive education opportunities as well as offering opportunities for professionals to build their capabilities through our executive programming including degree options —the Executive DBA, the Executive MBA— and customized training programs.

Recent Applied Research

Fostering Collaborative Cultures for Increased Engagement and Productivity

Faculty Lead: Lauren D'Innocenzo, PhD, Associate Professor of Management

To discover how organizations are creating more collaborative work cultures, Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business and Chief Learning Officer undertook the Fostering Collaborative Culture survey. We polled HR leaders for opinions on their organization’s current state of transitioning to a more collaborative workplace culture. From there, we examined specific survey groups to see how organizations that are further along in their efforts tackle culture change. We also explored the differences in approach between face-to-face and virtual organizations. The survey findings show that when culture change is initiated purposefully, employees are more engaged, feel more productive, and take on responsibilities beyond their job titles.

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Additional Research

Forthcoming Research

  • Ates, Nufer Y, Tarakci, Murat, Porck, Jeanine P, van Knippenberg, Daan, and Groenen, Patrick JF, The dark side of visionary leadership in strategy implementation: Strategic alignment, strategic consensus and commitment. Journal of Management.

  • Litchfield, Robert, Hirst, Giles, and van Knippenberg, Daan, Professional network identification: Searching for stability in transient knowledge work. Academy of Management Review.

  • Porck, Jeanine P, van Knippenberg, Daan, Tarakci, Murat, Ates, Nufer Y, Groenen, Patrick JF, and De Haas, Marco, Do group and organizational identification help or hurt intergroup strategic consensus?. Journal of Management.

  • Tong, Di, Tzabbar, D, and H. Park, Dennis, How does relative income affect entry into pure and hybrid entrepreneurship?. Advances in Strategic Management.

  • van Knippenberg, Daan, and Hirst, Giles, A motivational lens model of person x situation interactions in employee creativity. Journal of Applied Psychology.