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Research and Thought Leadership

Drexel University is a world-class, R1-designated, comprehensive research university committed to use-inspired research with real-world applications.

At the Drexel LeBow College of Business, we have a proven track record of advancing industry in every aspect through our applied research and thought leadership. Our instruction and curriculum, including consulting courses and projects, are guided through an evidence-based approach and build on the core capability of Drexel University’s experiential learning.

LeBow continues to partner with organizations at every level and across industries to provide targeted research and executive education opportunities and offer opportunities for professionals to build their capabilities through our executive programming, including degree options – the Executive DBA, the Executive MBA – and customized training programs.

Lauren D'Innocenzo

Recent Applied Research

LeBow Researcher Awarded $1.07 Million Grant from the U.S. Army Research Institute

Faculty Lead: Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD, Associate Professor of Management

Organizations are increasingly called upon to solve complex problems in changing conditions that require the combined knowledge, skills, perspectives and efforts of multiple individuals. Through a grant from the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI) Foundational Science Research Unit for $1.07 million over the next three years, with the possibility of two additional option years to extend to five years, and $1.7 million of support, Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD, and her co-principal investigator, Michael Kukenberger, PhD, associate professor of organizational behavior at the University of New Hampshire, look to explore how changes within and between team members affects the dynamic composition of the team.

Read more about the research project

CLO - Drexel LeBow Collaborative Research

Fostering Collaborative Cultures for Increased Engagement and Productivity

Faculty Lead: Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD, Associate Professor of Management

To discover how organizations are creating more collaborative work cultures, Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business and Chief Learning Officer undertook the Fostering Collaborative Culture survey. We polled HR leaders for opinions on their organization’s current state of transitioning to a more collaborative workplace culture. We examined how organizations that are further along in their efforts tackle culture change and explored the differences in approach between face-to-face and virtual organizations.

Read more and download the survey results (PDF)

Virtual Teams illustration

Why Leaders Resist Empowering Virtual Teams

Faculty: Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD, Associate Professor of Management

There’s no question that remote leaders have their hands full trying to keep their teams productive, engaged, and on track — all from a distance. Although they can make things more manageable by encouraging and enabling others to step up, instead they often react to the stressors of leading in a virtual environment by feeling less motivated to lead, clamping down and asserting control, and avoiding risk wherever they can. It’s a maladaptive response, but it’s understandable.

By empowering others to grow, leaders can empower themselves to think bigger, achieve more, and breathe easier. Once they wrap their heads around that paradox, with some support from their organizations, they can replace a vicious cycle with a virtuous one.

Read the article

Additional Faculty Research

Murugan Anandarjan, PhD

  • Chandran, Suresh, and Anandarajan, Murugan, Decision Support System for Selecting Alternatives to Jet Fuel: Impacts of Emissions, Production Costs and Carbon Pricing. Journal of Management and Sustainability 10 (Jun 2020): 13.
  • Anandarajan, Murugan, Data quilting: Art and science of analyzing disparate dataJournal Cogent Business & Management 6 (Jul 2019).

Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD

David Gefen, PhD



  • Lee, Diane, and Gefen, David, “Promises and Challenges of Medical Patient Healthcare Portals in Underserved Communities: The Case of Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia (EMCP).” Impacts of Information Technology on Patient Care and Empowerment, Ed. Roger McHaney and Iris Reychav. USA: IGI Global, (Forthcoming).
  • Gantz, Christopher, and Gefen, David, “Challenges Implementing Telemedicine at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).” Impacts of Information Technology on Patient Care and Empowerment, Ed. Roger McHaney and Iris Reychav. USA: IGI Global, (2019).

Curtis Hall, PhD

Dan Korschun, PhD

Jeongsik Lee, PhD

  • Kim, Keongtae, Lee, Jeongsik, and Gopal, Anand, Soft but Strong: Software-Based Innovation and Product Differentiation in the IT Hardware Industry. MIS Quarterly 46 (Jun 2022): 1273-1294.

Mary Mawritz

  • Mawritz, Mary, Capitano, Johnna, Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Bonner, Julena, and Kim, Joongseo, Development and Validation of the Workplace Hazing Scale. Human Relations (Jan 2022)
  • Babalola, M. T., Mawritz, Mary, Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Ren, S., and Garba, O. A., Whatever It Takes: How and When Supervisor Bottom-Line Mentality Motivates Employee Contributions in the Workplace. Journal of Management 47 (May 2021): 1134-1154.

Mark Stehr, PhD

Raj Suri, PhD

Daniel Tzabbar, PhD

  • Zakaryan, Arusyak, Tzabbar, D, and Cirillo, Bruno, Mind the time: Failure response time, variations in the reasons for failures, and learning from Failure. Industrial and Corporate Change (Forthcoming).
  • Tzabbar, D, Lahiri, Amrita, Seo, Donghwi, and Boeker, Warren, When opportunity meets ability: The moderating effects of prolific inventors on novel drug innovation following product development failure in biotechnology. Strategic Management Journal (Forthcoming).
  • Tzabbar, D, Lee, Jeongsik, and Seo, Donghwi, Collaborative density and post-mobility knowledge spillover: A dyadic approach. Strategic Management Journal 43 (Jan 2022):1728-1762.
  • Tzabbar, D, Cirillo, Bruno, and Breschi, Stefano, The differential impact of intra-firm collaboration and Technological network centrality on employees’ likelihood of leaving the firm. Organization Science 36 (Dec 2022):2085-2540.
  • Cirillo, Bruno, Tzabbar, D, and Seo, Donghwi, The structural divide in employee mobility research: A bibliometrics and topic modeling analysis. Advances in Strategic Management (Oct 2020).
  • Tong, Di, Tzabbar, D, and H. Park, Dennis, How does relative income affect entry into pure and hybrid entrepreneurship? Advances in Strategic Management (Oct 2020).

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