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Executive Electives Week

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Drexel LeBow Executive Electives Week features coursework that spans a diversity of disciplines and explores some of the most pertinent challenges facing industry today. Designed by leading faculty members, industry experts and the Corporate and Executive Education team, these immersive experiences are designed to enhance your business acumen and sharpen your existing skillsets.

Executive Electives: Course Descriptions

Executive Elective Week course options change year to year, below are some examples from 2021-2022 courses. 2022-2023 courses will be coming soon.

Listen, Ask, Lead: Upleveling Executive Communication

Instructors: Daria Torres, MBA, MSE, Strategic Advisor & Managing Partner, Walls Torres Group and Brian Shapiro, MA, Founder & President, Shapiro Communications

Two essential components of executive communication – active listening and strategic questioning – are commonly underdeveloped, underleveraged and overlooked. This executive course introduces a set of practical, pressure-tested techniques to better develop your listening prowess and to amplify your impact in today’s fast-paced, information-rich, often polarized and highly unpredictable business environment.

Personal Branding & Social Media: Igniting Growth Through Positive Impacts and Lasting Impressions

Instructor: Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, CEO & Executive Producer, This Is It Network

Personal branding is what people say and think about you in your absence. Your personal brand story has the power to change the minds of those in your life and community, either for the better or for the worse. Paired with a strategic social media communication plan, personal branding can positively impact an individual’s life personally and professionally. This executive course breaks down personal branding and social media marketing into one digestible action plan that can be implemented immediately.

Leading Strategic Change

Instructor: Daan van Knippenberg, PhD, Joseph F. Rocereto Chair in Leadership, LeBow College of Business | Academic Director, Institute of Strategic Leadership

It is often said that change is the only constant in organizations. In growing, developing and responding to changing environments, strategic change is inevitable as organizations adapt to changing circumstances. This executive course focuses on the challenges of leading strategic change, mapping the psychological processes that lead people to resist change and how to proactively preempt these processes.

Analytical Storytelling: Sharing the Data Journey for Better Executive Decisions

Instructor: Jennifer Golek, PhD, Head of Bank Operations, Managing Vice President, Capital One | Adjunct Professor, Decision Sciences, LeBow College of Business

You spent hours, days, weeks or months working with an important business problem. You combed through the data, explored the trends, found the patterns, and ultimately solved a complex business problem using even more complex analytical methods. Now comes the even greater challenge: how do you explain what you learned to an audience that didn’t take the journey with you? How do you summarize the key assumptions and risks associated with your analysis and data? In this executive course, participants learn and discuss the key elements of analytical storytelling and review different frameworks for developing their story.

Generating Power and Alignment in Teams: An Olympic-Level Approach to Maximizing Performance

Instructors: Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD, Associate Professor of Management, LeBow College of Business and William Ramey, DBA, Garrison Operations Manager, Tobyhanna Army Depot

People are one of the greatest assets to any organization. Bring together the right people with the right knowledge, skills and abilities, and you have the potential to do great things. Under the guidance of Olympic-level rowers and coaches, participants learn to apply the most important differentiator in the human species: methods for motivating individual power within a team for maximum collective effect. During this session, students participate in two rowing exercises from Philadelphia’s storied Boathouse Row.

Competing Through Sustainability

Instructor: Suresh Chandran, PhD, Clinical Professor of Management, LeBow College of Business

Business today has two major challenges: the need to be competitive in the global marketplace and to operate in a sustainable manner. This executive course provides grounding in the strategic thinking necessary to guide a company’s overall approach to sustainability, and prepares students to take leadership roles in addressing such issues in business.

Executive Financial Decisions: How to Manage the Growth Continuum

Instructor: David Becher, PhD, Dean’s Industry Fellow, Professor of Finance, LeBow College of Business

This executive course takes a big picture approach to address issues in the market for corporate control and explores how companies make these complex financial decisions. The course focuses on financial decisions and strategic implications, rather than the calculations behind these opportunities. Key topics covered include examining how the continuum of business decisions can add value, a broad-based perspective on how to apply investment decision-making skills, and corporate successes and failures. This course uses an experiential approach, relying on “grenades,” real-life transactions, and interactive discussions and exercises. This approach allows students to better evaluate the decision-making processes behind corporate control events and tie them to a firm’s survival. Particular emphasis is placed on learning from past deals and why external partnerships are crucial to a firm’s mission.

Accelerating and Navigating Industry Transformation

Instructor: April Walker, Senior Director, U.S. Microsoft Technology Centers & Industry Innovation, Microsoft

Executives need to implement innovative solutions to enhance supply-chains, re-imagine distribution channels, and re-calibrate operational mindsets, with little time to waste. This executive level course explores and analyzes real-life industry and corporate use-cases of those that successfully and unsuccessfully achieved their transformation goals. The course takes an analytical approach and assesses transformation preparedness and success criteria based upon the four key areas: technology, data, process and organizational change capability.

Tableau for Managers: Improving Decision-Making Through Data Exploration and Visualization

Instructor: Bay Arinze, PhD, Professor of MIS, LeBow College of Business

This one-day executive course is designed for managers with little or no prior Tableau experience, who seek to become familiar with the power of data visualization for business purposes, regardless of their previous technical or analytical backgrounds. Participants learn to use Tableau to conduct basic data analytics and visualization to support decision making, strategy formulation and operational improvements.

Ready, Set, Fail: Creating New Opportunities Through “Smart Risk” & Failure

Instructor: Charles Sacco, Assistant Dean, Close School of Entrepreneurship & Director, Biada Institute for Entrepreneurship

This executive course teaches how to better assess opportunities and risks, how to appreciate failure and present a framework that can be used to manage risk and drive future career and entrepreneurial success. It also provides a resource library of videos, documents and tools that can be used to help to better assess any new business opportunity and the critical risks associated with it.

Healthcare Finance & Entrepreneurship

Instructors: David Becher, PhD, Dean’s Industry Fellow, Professor of Finance, LeBow College of Business; David Stein, MD, MHCM, Executive in Residence, LeBow College of Business; Regional Chief of Surgery, Baltimore; Chair of Surgery Franklin Square, Medstar Health

This executive course takes a holistic approach to better understand the fundamental tenants of financial decision making as well as the key inputs in health care finance and entrepreneurship. Through case-based learning, participants are exposed to actual health care investment decisions and required to assume the role of a health care start-up founder in making financial decisions. Particular emphasis is placed on how investment decisions are made in healthcare, the role of innovation, and the challenges and opportunities currently facing the industry.

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