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Erin Pipech, ’23

Executive MBA

Why I chose Drexel’s EMBA Program:

The classes within Drexel’s EMBA program are applicable to today’s business problems. Taking a change management class when the world is changing due to Covid with companies transforming and even my own company going through a re-organization, to have a change management class was relevant to the conversations I’m having at work with my team on how we can perform better. In addition to the classes, the professors at Drexel are so interested in making the coursework relevant and staying in tune with the real world. It proved to be a safe place to try out different business strategies. It changed the way I approach work problems and gave me all the skills needed to get on that executive track.

What I Gained:

I found Drexel’s EMBA program, and with that I found the tool I needed because this was a place I was able to get that confidence to have a seat at the table, to have that conversation and to really learn and start to fill in gaps. Any semblance of imposter syndrome I used to feel melted away, and it’s because of this program. Just prior to graduating, I had my annual review with my boss, and he told me how much I’ve grown this past year. I’ve felt my own growth through this program, but to have my boss remarking on it and to have other colleagues notice it was true vindication of how transformative this program can be. I attribute a lot of my growth and future success to what has happened here in Drexel’s EMBA program.

The Drexel Network:

I was impressed with how quickly we as a cohort jelled together, and by the end of the program it really felt like a family. We were there for each other and helped push and support each other, and that led to a nice bond that I didn’t expect and was pleasantly surprised to find.

International Residency:

The international residency is a great example of experiential learning that you can’t get anywhere else. Our cohort went to South Africa, and we got to see how much differently other countries, cultures and people look at the world, and how much differently they have to maneuver through business than we do. South Africa is something I now know a lot about, and I can add value to my organization. Overall, the trip was a fantastic experience. It underscored the relationships we built, and it left an indelible mark on me and will be a highlight of this program that I’ll never forget.