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2017 Curriculum Changes - Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about the changes to the MBA curriculum and how they will affect current students’ plan of study.

Last Updated: May 11, 2017

How is this updated MBA curriculum different?

The new curriculum totals 49 credits, a decrease of two credits required by the current curriculum. The new curriculum will also feature a wider variety of course offerings that range from one to three credits each that will be delivered in 10-week sessions, 8-week sessions, one- to two-week sessions, or weekend residency format. (Courses in the current curriculum are three-credits each and are primarily delivered in 10-week sessions.)

The new curriculum will require students to complete core courses in business strategy, finance, accounting, statistics, business law, leadership and organizational behavior, and will allow students to customize their MBA through 18 credits of free electives that can be used to pursue concentration or graduate minor options.

- Current Curriculum New Curriculum
Number of Credits 51 49
Credits per Course 3 1, 2 or 3
Duration of Course Residency of full ten week term Residency, two-week, eight week or ten week
Required Courses 12 courses (BUSN 501, BUSN 502, ACCT 601, ECON 601, FIN 601, MGMT 601, MGMT 602, MGMT 780, MKTG 601, ORGB 625, POM 601, STAT 601) 14 courses (ACCT 510, BLAW 510, ECON 601, FIN 601, MGMT 6510, MGMT 520, MGMT 770, MKTG 510, ORGB 510, ORGB 520, ORGB 530,POM 510, STAT 510)
Elective Credits 15 18

How does this curriculum apply to current students?

Current students who have completed 12 credits or less by the start of the fall quarter of next academic year (2017-18) will transition into the new curriculum for the duration of their program. All courses completed prior to the fall term will count towards requirements in the new curriculum, and academic advisors will help structure a plan of study to navigate students through the change.

Those who have completed more than 12 credits by the start of the fall quarter will continue following the current curriculum. Academic advisor will help schedule remaining required courses, which need to be completed by the end of the 2017-18 academic year. (Exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.) There may be opportunities to participate in courses from the new curriculum should it fit a student’s plan of study. Advisors can assist with identifying these options for interested students.

Will courses students haven’t taken yet still be available?

Yes. Current required courses will continue to be available now through the summer 2018 term. However, during this time required courses will be gradually phased out or offered less frequently. For students remaining in the existing curriculum, it will be important to complete the required courses in a timely manner.

Core courses will be phased out by being offered for the last time during the terms noted below:

  • Summer 2017 (201645): BUSN 501, BUSN 502, MGMT 601, ORGB 625
  • Winter 2018 (201725): MKTG 601, STAT 601
  • Spring 2018 (201735): ACCT 601, MGMT 602
  • Summer 2018 (201745): MGMT 780, POM 601

Can current students take courses in the new curriculum?

Yes, current students will be able to take courses in the new curriculum if they align with their plan of study. Keep in mind that required courses in the new curriculum vary in credit and course delivery.

What are graduate minors?

Drexel University has recently developed sequences of four to five courses in focused areas of study in each of the colleges, including LeBow. Approximately 40 graduate minors are expected to be available beginning fall 2017 (pending approval).

If a student elects to declare a graduate minor, depending on the student’s plan of study (current vs. new), the credits required to complete the minor may be included in the plan of study with no additional courses required. Students should consult with their academic advisor on specific requirements.

Will concentration and elective courses change?

Concentrations and elective courses will not be affected by the curriculum changes as these courses will remain full-term, three-credit courses. In fact, students who are locked into the current curriculum may be able to declare a concentration in areas not previously offered (such as accounting, supply chain and logistics) or consider adding a graduate minor offered through LeBow or other Drexel colleges.

How long do current students have to complete their curriculum?

The maximum time of completion for all graduate students is five years from the original start date. Students in open-enrolled programs (At Your Own Pace in person and online) should meet with their advisor to ensure that required course sequencing is appropriately adjusted. Students in cohorted programs (Accelerated MBA or Online Accelerated) will continue to follow their program timeline. If the maximum time of completion is approaching, their academic advisor will advise them on plan of study options to complete degree requirements in a timely manner.

Are there changes to the dual degree options?

The MBA curriculum revision does not change MS or other dual degree requirements. However, it is important that dual degree students work closely with their advisor regarding MBA requirements to work out an adjusted plan of study, if necessary.

Does this affect current student financial aid?

No. Current students’ scholarships will still be applied quarterly based on the number of credits students are registered for.

If current students move into the new curriculum, how will they determine which courses they need to take?

Academic advisors will review all plans of studies for students moving into the new curriculum. Depending on the specific courses completed by the conclusion of the summer term, individual plans of study will be developed based on new curriculum degree requirements. Students can expect to receive revised plans of study mid- September.

Who should students contact with questions?

Student questions should be directed to the appropriate academic advisor:

Full-time MBA

Lori Miceli | 215.895.0975 |

Part-time (Accelerated and At Your Own Pace)

Carmita Champ | 215.895.1671 |

MBA in Malvern and Online MBA

Stavrula Katsirmas | 215.571.3274 |

Accelerated MBA and Executive MBA

Christian Polidoro | 215.895.1406 |

Disclaimer: Policies are subject to change. Please consult with your advisor if you have questions.