Executive MBA ​Program (EMBA)


EMBA Courses and Plan of Study

The Executive MBA coursework at Drexel LeBow College of Business is continuously updated for relevance and based on feedback from students, alumni and the business community. These highly focused executive management courses are aimed at giving students critical thinking skills and team-oriented management abilities required of executives and business owners in today’s business environment.

See the current Drexel Course Catalog for the full EMBA course details.

EMBA Orientation

The Executive MBA orientation is designed to both familiarize new students with the structure, operations and course details of the EMBA program and acclimate students to graduate study at the LeBow College of Business. Then we dive right in with an experiential executive management course aimed at understanding and building high performance teams. The orientation wraps up with a focus on effective interpersonal communication and presentation skills.

Foundation Courses

  • Measuring and Maximizing Financial Performance
  • Principles of Macro/Micro Economics

Functional Core Courses

  • Managing the Total Enterprise
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Business Statistics
  • Managerial Economics for Business
  • Managing Technological Innovation*
  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Managerial Accounting

Strategy and Global Management Courses

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Governance
  • Management Information Systems and Business Analytics
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business Management
  • International Residency (10 days) — The experience encompasses a trip to a foreign location where students participate in policy discussions and strategic leadership opportunities in varied settings. This includes:
    — Lectures and panel discussions on public policy, international business climate, multinational management topics provide a grounding on doing business in the destination country.
    — Best practice case studies enable students to analyze the current operating styles of the top corporations in the area and learn from their success.
    — Corporate visits expose students to international trends and cultures and offer them first¬hand experience with the intricacies of conducting international business.
    — Students will meet, learn from and network with international business experts.

Electives and Specialization

The EMBA curriculum also offers the opportunity for increased customization through a nine-credit concentration. Many students choose to pursue a concentration in finance with their available electives but are welcome to explore a focus in any discipline in LeBow and select options outside of the business school.

All coursework is subject to change.

Sample EMBA Class Schedule / Plan of Study

Term 1

Course Title Credits
MGMT 601 Managing the Total Enterprise I 3
ORGB 625 Leadership and Professional Development 3
ORGB T680 Leadership and Motivation .5
MIS T680 Fixing the IT-Business Disconnect .5

Term 2

Course Title Credits
BUSN 502 Essentials of Economics I 3
STAT 601 Business Statistics 3
MIS T680 Fundamentals of Business Analytics .5
ORGB T680 Team Dynamics and Leadership .5

Term 3

Course Title Credits
ECON 601 Managerial Economics I 3
MKTG 601 Marketing Strategy and Planning 3
MGMT T680 The Bright-side and Dark-side of Leadership .5
ORGB T680 Building and Leveraging Networks .5

Term 4

Course Title Credits
BUSN 501 Financial Performance of the Firm I 3
POM 601 Operations Management 3

Term 5

Course Title Credits
FIN 601 Corporate Finance I 3
MGMT 602 Managing Technological Innovation 3
BUSN T680 Innovative Product Design .5
ORGB T680 Negotiation Fundamentals 1.5

Term 6

Course Title Credits
ACCT 601 Managerial Accounting I 3
FIN 640 Mergers and Acquisitions 3
MGMT T680 Leading in Dynamic Environments .5
ORGB T680 Tools for Decision Making .5

Term 7

Course Title Credits
MGMT 780 Strategic Management I 3
INTB 620 International Business Management 3
INTB 790 Seminar in International Business (Residency) 3