MBA Degree Concentration

Business Analytics MBA Degree Concentration

Why pursue an MBA degree in business analytics?

An MBA degree with a concentration in business analytics prepares you to make prudent business decisions with fact-based data analysis. Whether you’re an experienced professional seeking career advancement or are looking to relaunch your career, our business analytics MBA program concentration will provide you with an understanding of business performance from a systems view, using statistical and quantitative data as well and explanatory and predictive modeling.

Each course in the concentration will help you build key skills to be successful in the field including:

  • Datamining
  • System Simulation
  • Predictive Business Analytics
  • Business Forecasting

How long does it take to get an MBA with a concentration in business analytics?

Business Analytics Concentration Curriculum

Requirements and Coursework

Course Title Credits
STAT 632 Datamining for Managers 3

Elective Courses

A minimum of two three-credit elective courses are required for a business analytics specialization

Course Title Credits
ECON 650 Business and Economic Strategy: Game Theory and Applications 3
FIN 642 Business Conditions and Forecasting 3
MKTG 606 Customer Analytics 3
MKTG 607 Marketing Experiments 3
MIS 630 Interact Decision Support Sys 3
MIS 633 Predictive Business Analytics with Relational Database Data 3
OPR 601 Managerial Decision Models and Simulation 3
OPR 626 System Simulation 3
POM 625 Supply Chain Management 3
STAT 634 Quality and Six-Sigma 3
STAT 636 Experimental Design 3
POM 625 Supply Chain Management 3

In addition to our business analytics MBA concentration, Drexel LeBow offers a master’s of science in business analytics program for those looking to pursue a second degree.

Learn about Drexel LeBow’s graduate program admissions requirements for an MBA with a concentration in business analytics or schedule an appointment with an advisor today.