MBA Degree Concentration

Finance MBA Degree Concentration

Why pursue an MBA degree with a concentration in finance?

The MBA with a concentration in finance can help you advance your career and develop a deeper understanding of the daily challenges financial professionals face in today’s business world. With the specialized training and flexible curriculum Drexel LeBow’s MBA concentration in finance provides, you can pursue advanced career opportunities and tackle greater difficulties in the workplace.

The recommended plan of study for LeBow’s MBA degree with a concentration in finance prepares graduate students to understand how to access, invest and allocate capital from the viewpoint of both the firm and the investor. Whether you are looking to launch a career in finance and investing or advance your career in business finance, Drexel LeBow’s finance concentration will arm you with skills in mathematics, economics, risk management and more.

An example of some of the topics covered in the MBA concentration in finance:

  • Stock market analysis
  • Foundations in finance
  • Global economy
  • Financial instruments
  • Futures and options
  • Market trading and volatility
  • Risk management
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate finance
  • Investment banking

What can you do with an MBA concentration in finance?

LeBow’s MBA concentrations allow you to take a more thorough exploration of the discipline of your choice. By combining these courses with the core MBA courses you get to explore your area of interest while also becoming well-versed in other disciplines and studies.

Adding a concentration in finance to your MBA plan of study is ideal if you know exactly what you want to do with your career and you want to build a stronger skill base in that area. An MBA with a concentration in finance can also take you beyond the financial realm and help you branch out to areas such as digital marketing, real estate, business analytics, social innovation, and health care.

A list of job titles and salaries of professionals who entered the MBA degree with a concentration in finance program is below:

  • Budget Analyst, Average Salary: $98,080
  • Chief Financial Officer, Average Salary: $$133,300
  • Controller, Average Salary: $83,260
  • Management Consultants, Average Salary: $87,350
  • Risk and Insurance Managers, Average Salary: $86,547
  • Treasurers and Finance Officers, Average Salary: $83,260

How long does it take to get an MBA with a concentration in finance?

Master’s in finance vs MBA

LeBow’s MBA with a concentration in Finance and MS in Finance programs are ideal for professionals looking to enter the field of finance armed with the advanced training necessary to become leaders and innovators in the field. Each program provides a solid foundation in finance while also allowing you to explore the topic more by selecting electives that interest you.

When choosing a graduate degree program, it’s important to keep your goals in mind. An MBA with a concentration in Finance allows you to build a solid understanding of the theoretical and practical concepts that impact financial decision-making, while still getting a comprehensive education on other business disciplines through your primary MBA courses. The MS in Finance takes a more focused approach, combining quantitative and computing skills with financial theory and applications to allow students to become well-versed in a variety of areas including risk management and engineering.

Finance Concentration Curriculum

Required Courses

Select three of the following, of which two must be from FIN:

Course Title Credits
FIN 602 Advanced Financial Management 3
FIN 610 Corporate Governance 3
FIN 622 Fin Institutions & Markets 3
FIN 624 Risk Management 3
FIN 626 Investment Management 3
FIN 635 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
FIN 640 Mergers and Acquisitions 3
FIN 642 Bus Conditions & Forecast 3
FIN 648 Intl Financial Mgmt 3
FIN 790 Seminar in Finance 3

Elective Courses

Course Title Credits
BLAW 620 Legal Aspects of Employment 3
BLAW T680 Special Topics in BLAW 3
ECON 614 Macroeconomics 3
ECON 630 International Economics 3
ECON 650 Business and Economic Strategy: Game Theory and Applications 3
INTB 632 Economic Analysis of Multinational Corporations 3
MGMT 655 Knowledge Management 3
MIS 624 E-Commerce Systems I 3
MIS 630 Inter-Active Decision Support Systems 3
MKTG 630 Global Marketing 3
MKTG 650 Marketing Management Cases and Problems 3
OPR 601 Managerial Decision Models and Simulation 3
POM 620 Management of Manufacturing Firms 3
POM 624 Management of Service Firms 3
STAT 634 Quality and Six-Sigma 3

In addition to our finance MBA concentration, Drexel LeBow offers a master’s of science in finance program for those looking to pursue a second degree.

Learn about Drexel LeBow’s graduate program admissions requirements for an MBA with a concentration in business analytics or schedule an appointment with an advisor today.