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As technology continues to evolve, esports is the new frontier of sport business. This major provides students with the ability to build on the comprehensive business administration core with skills in game design and game management. Students master the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the increasing variety of esports organizations and businesses that complimentary to the industry.

This degree prepares students to work in a variety of roles within the realm of esports including law, event management, facility management and marketing.

What Type of Job Skills Will You Gain From an Esport Business Degree?

An undergraduate esport business degree will provide you with the skills you need to achieve your career goals, including:

  • Game design
  • Game management
  • Facility planning
  • Event management
  • Esport business consulting

What Can You Do with a Degree in Esport Business?

Graduates  with a degree in  esport  business  will be able to pursue a variety of opportunities in the professional, competitive amateur and grassroots  esport  segments. They  will be  qualified  for  positions  in areas  such as  management, production, operations, marketing, media,  sales,  broadcast and streaming,  sponsorship, analytics,  content  creation,  player relations, law  and  organizational  governance.

What is the Average Salary for an Esport Business Major?

According to Zip Recruiter, the esports average salary is $66,886. Salaries can range from $40,000 to $100,000 depending on the local job market, skill level and work experience.

Career Growth Opportunities for Esport Business Majors

Opportunities for graduates of the esport business program increase with the expansion of the industry and the evolving concept of sport as leisure and entertainment.

Common Job Titles for Undergraduate Esport Business Majors

Students who major in esport business find roles such as:

  • Director of Esport Sales
  • Esports Software Development Engineer
  • Esports Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Esports Content Producer
  • Esports Gaming Product Manager
  • Esports Reporter

Continuing Education Opportunities