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Drexel LeBow students studying in Gerri C. LeBow Hall

Undergraduate Degrees and Programs

At Drexel’s LeBow College of Business, students learn the latest industry trends and solutions to real-world business problems. They can experiment with new knowledge and hone skills through hands-on learning. also benefitting from state-of-the-art facilities, unparalleled student support, technology and world-renowned faculty.

The 180-credit Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree allows students the flexibility to complete either a single or double major within the minimum degree requirements, while also getting more technical training in business than offered by a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Accounting BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
Behavioral Economics & Business Minor
Behavioral Economics, Business & Organizations BS
Brand & Reputation Management Certificate
Business Administration Minor
Business Analytics BSBA Co-Major, Minor
Business Consulting Minor
Business Economics BSBA Co-Major
Business & Engineering BS Business and Engineering
Economics BS Economics, BA Economics, BS/BA/MBA, Minor
Economics & Business BS
Economics & Data Science BS
Economics & Math BS
Economics & Public Health BS
Esport Business BSBA Major, Minor
Finance BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
Financial Technology Minor
General Business BSBA Major, BSBA Online, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
International Business BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA, Co-Major
International Economics Minor
Legal Studies BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
Management Information Systems BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
Marketing BSBA Major, BSBA Online, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
Operations & Supply Chain Management BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
Organizational Management BSBA Co-Major, Minor
Real Estate Management & Development BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree, Minor
Social Responsibility in Business Certificate
Sport Business BSBA Major, BSBA/MBA Dual Degree
Sport Management Minor
Sport Regulation and Compliance Minor
Technology Innovation Management BSBA Co-Major, Minor

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Our staff is ready to help you with any questions you may have about the application process, including which program is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs and Recruitment

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