Graduate Admissions

Graduate Students in a classroom

Graduate Tuition

Drexel LeBow is dedicated to making the completion of each graduate degree program accessible for students from all walks of life. In recent years:

  • 82 percent of LeBow full-time MS and MBA students received aid matching about 62 percent of tuition costs.
  • More than 67 percent of full-time students received grants that averaged about 21 percent of tuition costs.
  • Among full-time students who took loans, the average loan amount was for about 47 percent of tuition.

For a comprehensive estimate of the individualized cost of attendance, the University provides each student tuition breakdowns via DrexelOne. Each estimate includes a calculation of tuition, fee, room and board, personal transportation, and book/supply costs based on degree program and expected enrollment.

Tuition and fees vary by program. For more detailed information on tuition and financial aid please visit Drexel Central.