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Oberweis Dairy Analytics 50 Submission


Bruce Bedford, Vice President, Marketing


Oberweis Dairy



Business Challenge

When Oberweis Dairy began operating a call center for customer questions and concerns about products and services, the company was overwhelmed with data and needed a better way to tune in to the voice of its customers. In particular, the company wanted to understand why there was attrition in customer use of the dairy product home delivery service.

Analytics Solution

Oberweis turned to a text analytics service to gain insight on call center conversations. The company was able to uncover two factors contributing to increased customer dissatisfaction and attrition. The text analytics system identified a specific promotional strategy – free delivery for six months – that resulted in greater customer attrition. Customers complained about being charged after the six month free period ended. Oberweis addressed this by offering a discount on delivery rather than making delivery complimentary, which improved customer retention.

The text analytics system also identified a common theme among Oberweis customer complaints. Many customers complained that their milk had been delivered with “cream on top” and that the milk “looked funny.” Human analysts were then able to connect the dots and identify a batch of milk that had not been homogenized and was causing the negative feedback.


The insights gained from using text analytics helped Oberweis make important changes to tactics and respond to customer concerns. The company was able to improve customer retention and identify areas where improvements can be implemented to address customer feedback.