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USAA Analytics 50 Submission


Christina Holleman, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Insight Delivery




Financial Services

Business Challenge

USAA serves the military community through provision of a full range of highly competitive products and services. USAA’s complex sales funnel includes more than 150 products sold and serviced through different methods and channels. Before creating the Enterprise Sales Funnel (ESF), it relied on user-defined applications to measure its marketing and sales processes, which proved resource intensive and left little time for analysis or optimization of a customer’s experience.

Analytics Solution

ESF has provided transparency to a traditionally murky process and is enabling leaders to align when addressing concerns. The new tool leverages contact data and product interest activity across derived metrics and channels. Activity is sessionized and classified by product, channel and a “funnel metric” for each acquisition step, and conversion rates are calculated at each level and for the overall store, where sessions are viewed by various data dimensions. ESF provides insights including purchase timeframes, close rates and cross-channel behaviors. Customer “thread” activities are summarized into a six-node path, which allows data to be compared and summarized at the customer level.


Amid steady growth in USAA membership, ESF has allowed USAA to keep marketing as a percent of product revenue stable for the past three years and has led to a decrease in the cost to sell/market a product in the past year. ESF facilitates weekly reviews of its sales performance, and when variance to plan is out of tolerance, allows for identification of portion(s) of the sales process and delivery channels that need attention. Its analytics enable cross-channel insights that serve as the basis for studies identifying sales process insights. For instance, USAA’s 2016 Auto Insurance Redesign analysis used the activity and the customer-centric funnels to identify areas of improvement in deploying new digital auto insurance capabilities, resulting in a single source of truth, enabling strategic sales decision-making.