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Ocean Spray


Jamie Head, Chief Digital and Technology Officer


Ocean Spray


Agricultural Marketing

Business Challenge

Ocean Spray’s existing AI platform has been used to help predict market demand, forecast sales and influence strategic direction; however, the platform lacked the cooperative’s signature approach: the human element. To better interpret its data, Ocean Spray sought to better incorporate the customer voice into its AI platform in response to market needs and interests.

Analytics Solution

From customer sentiment to innovative product ideas, Ocean Spray began to incorporate the voice of the customer into its predictive models. Using unstructured data such as social media posts and designing algorithms to identify patterns and trends, data scientists infused customers’ emotional associations with Ocean Spray products to uncover new insights that help to strengthen the cooperative’s brand.


Ocean Spray now combines the platform’s output not only to understand market conditions, but also to influence campaigns, tailor targeted promotions and elevate customer engagement.