Latest Research

Research is a central focus at Drexel LeBow. Our faculty are regularly published in top tier and highly respected journals across the country and internationally. Below is a regularly updated listing of the most recently published research. For additional information on LeBow’s research initiatives, contact Raj Suri, associate dean of research, at

Additionally, LeBow students at all levels are encouraged to engage in research. Find out more about current PhD student research and research conducted by undergraduate students through the STAR Scholars research program.

Recent Works

Barnett, Richard C., Bhattacharya, Joydeep, and Bunzel, Helle, The Fight-or-Flight Response to the Joneses and Inequality. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (Forthcoming)

Kearney, Eric, Shemla, Meir, van Knippenberg, Daan, and Scholz, Florian, A Paradox Perspective on the Interactive Effects of Visionary and Empowering Leadership. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (Forthcoming)

Stehr, Mark, Carrera, Mariana, Royer, Heather, and Sydnor, Justin, The Structure of Health Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experimentl. Management Science (Forthcoming)

Ndubizu, Gordian, and Yin, Jennifer, Asymmetric sensitivity of executive bonus compensation to earnings and the effect of regulatory changes. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (Forthcoming)

Ates, Nufer Y, Tarakci, Murat, Porck, Jeanine P, van Knippenberg, Daan, and Groenen, Patrick JF, The dark side of visionary leadership in strategy implementation: Strategic alignment, strategic consensus and commitment. Journal of Management (Forthcoming)

Tzabbar, D, and Baburaj, Yamuna, Optimizing the effectiveness of geographically dispersed research and development teams.. Organizational Dynamics (Forthcoming)

Li, Bin, Zhang, Shengfan, Hoover, Stephen, Arnold, Ryan, and Capan, Muge, Microsimulation Model Using Christiana Care Early Warning System (CEWS) to Evaluate Physiological Deterioration. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (Forthcoming)

Cai, Jie, and Nguyen, Tu, Disciplinary directors: Evidence from the appointments of outside directors who have fired CEOs. Journal of Banking and Finance (Forthcoming)

Khattab, Jasmien, van Knippenberg, Daan, Nederveen Pieterse, Anne, and Hernandez, Morela, A network utilization perspective on the leadership advancement of minorities. Academy of Management Review (Forthcoming)

Hammoudeh, Shawkat, and Reboredo, J. C., Oil price dynamics and market-based inflation expectations. Energy Economics 75 (Aug 2018): 484-491.

Hammoudeh, Shawkat, Shahzad, Jawad H. K, Mahalik, M. K., and Shahbaz, M., Does the Environmental Kuznets Curve Exist between Globalization and Energy Consumption? Global Evidence from the Cross-Correlation Method. International Journal of Finance and Economics (Sep 2018):

Stehr, Mark, Carrera, Mariana, Royer, Heather, Sydnor, Justin, and Taubinsky, Dmitry, The Limits of Simple Implementation Intentions: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Making Plans to Exercise. Journal of Health Economics (Forthcoming)

Capan, Muge, Hoover, Stephen, Ivy, Julie, Miller, Kristen, and Arnold, Ryan, Not all organ dysfunctions are created equal &#-775232; prevalence and mortality in sepsis. Journal of Critical Care (Forthcoming)

Lo, Jade, Fiss, Peer C., Rhee, Eunice, and Kennedy, Mark T., Category Viability: Balanced Levels of Coherence and Distinctiveness. Academy of Management Review Forthcoming (Forthcoming)

D’Angelo, Dana C., and Schreffler, Ahaji, Intensive Courses Abroad - Freshmen Friendly Freshmen Ready. The Academic Leader September 2018 (Sep 2018):