Latest Research

Research is a central focus at Drexel LeBow. Our faculty are regularly published in top tier and highly respected journals across the country and internationally. Below is a regularly updated listing of the most recently published research. For additional information on LeBow’s research initiatives, contact Raj Suri, associate dean of research, at

Additionally, LeBow students at all levels are encouraged to engage in research. Find out more about current PhD student research and research conducted by undergraduate students through the STAR Scholars research program.

Recent Works

Lin, Q., Zhao, Q., and Lev, Benjamin, Cold chain transportation decision in the vaccine supply chain. European Journal of Operational Research (Forthcoming)

McCullough, B D., Mokfi, Taha, and Almaeenejad, Mahsa, Wilkinson’s Tests and SQL Packages. SIGMOD Record (Forthcoming)

Haski-Leventhal, Debbie, and Korschun, Daniel, Building Effective Corporate Engagement on LGBTQ Rights. MIT/Sloan Management Review (Digital) (Fall 2019):

Hammoudeh, Shawkat, Tiwari, A.K., Nasreen, S., and Shahbaz, M., Analyzing the time and frequency connectedness and time-frequency casualty among international prices of energy, food, industry, agriculture and metal.&#-775232;. Energy Economics (Forthcoming)

Hammoudeh, Shawkat, Bouioyour, J., Selmi, R., and Wohar, M., What are the categories of geopolitical risks that could drive oil prices higher? Acts or threats?&#-775232;. Energy Economics (Forthcoming)

Lee, Jinwook, and Kim, Jongpil, Partially ordered data sets and a new efficient method for calculating multivariate conditional value-at-risk. Annals of Operations Research (Forthcoming)

Cirillo, Bruno, Tzabbar, D, and Seo, Donghwi, The structural divide in employe mobility research: A bibliometrics and topic modeling analysis. Advances in Strategic Management (Forthcoming)

Wu, Ji, Guo, Mengmeng, Chen, Minghua, and Jeon, Bang Nam, Market power and risk-taking of banks: Some semiparametric evidence from emerging economies. Emerging Markets Review 41 (Forthcoming)

Li, Ying, Liao, Yi, Hu, Xinxin, and Shen, Wenjing, Lateral Transshipment with Partial Request and Random Switching. OMEGA (Forthcoming)

Zhou, Rui, Liao, Yi, Shen, Wenjing, and Yang, Shilei, Channel Selection and Fulfillment Service Contracts in the Presence of Asymmetric Service Information. International Journal of Production Economics (Forthcoming)

Tong, Di, Tzabbar, D, and H. Park, Dennis, How does relative income affect entry into pure and hybrid entrepreneurship?. Advances in Strategic Management (Forthcoming)

Ping, Yanni, Shen, Wenjing, and Lev, Benjamin, Group Buying through Buyback Contract. International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management (IJOQM) (Forthcoming)

Han, Jung Ah, Feit, Elea M., and Srinivasan, Shuba, Negative buzz can increase awareness and purchase intent. Marketing Letters (Forthcoming)

Cintron, Alicia M., Levine, Jeffrey, and McCray, Kristy L., Preventing sexual violence on college campuses: An investigation of current practices of conducting background checks on student athletes. Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport (Forthcoming)

Gefen, David, Ben Assuli, Ofir, Stehr, Mark, Rosen, Bruce, and Denekamp, Yaron, Governmental Intervention in Hospital Information Exchange (HIE) Diffusion: A Quasi-experimental ARIMA Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Monthly HIE Patient Penetration Rates. European Journal of Information Systems (Forthcoming)