Latest Research

Research is a central focus at Drexel LeBow. Our faculty are regularly published in top tier and highly respected journals across the country and internationally. Below is a regularly updated listing of the most recently published research. For additional information on LeBow’s research initiatives, contact Raj Suri, associate dean of research, at

Additionally, LeBow students at all levels are encouraged to engage in research. Find out more about current PhD student research and research conducted by undergraduate students through the STAR Scholars research program.

Recent Works

Dimitrov, Stanko, and Ceryan, Oben, Optimal Inventory Decisions when Offering Layaway. International Journal of Production Research (Forthcoming)

Zhang, Yuli, Kwak, Hyokjin, Jeong, Haeyoung, and Puzakova, Marina, Facing the “Right” Side? The Effect of Product Facing Direction. Journal of Advertising (Forthcoming)

Dimitrova, Boryana V., Smith, Brent, and Kim, Saejoon, Performance Implications of Store Format Diversification for International Retailers. Journal of Marketing Channels (Forthcoming)

Ten Brummelhuis, Lieke L., and Greenhaus, Jeffrey, How Role Jugglers Maintain Relationships at Home and at Work: A Gender Comparison. Journal of Applied Psychology (Forthcoming)

Huang, Yanliu, and Yang, Zhen, Write or Type? How a Paper versus Digital Shopping List Influences the Way Consumers Plan and Shop. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (Forthcoming)

Li, Xiaolin, Wu, Chaojiang, and Mai, Feng, The Effect of Online Reviews on Product Sales: A Joint Sentiment-Topic Analysis. Information and Management (Forthcoming)

Harrison, Teresa, and Seim, Katja, Nonprofit tax exemptions, for-profit competition, and spillovers to community services. Economic Journal (Forthcoming)

Dimitrova, Boryana V., Smith, Brent, and Andras, Trina Larsen, Marketing Channel Evolution: From Contactual Efficiency to Brand Value Co-Creation and Appropriation within the Platform Enterprise. Journal of Marketing Channels (Forthcoming)

Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Anderson, Rolph E., and Song, Lei, Building Loyalty in E-Commerce: Impact of Business and Customer Characteristics. Journal of Marketing Channels (Forthcoming)

Quade, Matthew, Mawritz, Mary, and Greenbaum, Rebecca L., “If only I were less ethical”: When social comparisons of ethical behavior and performance lead to self-threat, social undermining, and ostracism. Journal of Business Ethics (Forthcoming)

Du, Bowen, Zhou, Wenjun, Liu, Chuanren, Cui, Yifeng, and Xiong, Hui, Transit Pattern Detection Using Tensor Factorization. Informs Journal on Computing (Forthcoming)

McCullough, B D., Using Student Evaluations of Teaching to Support Faculty: Use Proportions Instead of Means to Analyze SETs. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice (Forthcoming)

Dust, Scott, Resick, Christian, Margolis, Jaclyn, Mawritz, Mary, and Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Ethical leadership and employee success: Examining the roles of psychological empowerment and emotional exhaustion. Leadership Quarterly (Forthcoming)

Reavey, Brooke, Puzakova, Marina, Larsen Andras, Trina, and Kwak, Hyokjin, The Multidimensionality of Anthropomorphism in Advertising: The Moderating Roles of Cognitive Busyness and Assertive Language. International Journal of Advertising (Forthcoming)