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STAR Scholar Presenting Research Findings

STAR Research

The STAR (Students Tackling Advanced Research) Scholars Program allows first-year students to participate in faculty-mentored research, scholarship or creative work during the summer after their freshman year. Students across the university are invited to apply for the program. Participants research topics relevant to their active field of study. LeBow students in the past have worked on various topics from protecting your cellular devices with antivirus software to trends in CEO turnover rates within Fortune 500 companies. STAR Scholars work full-time during the summer term while living on campus and earning a stipend.

This is a great opportunity for freshmen students to get to know faculty, explore a major in a particular field and gain practical skills and valuable research experience.

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2017 LeBow STAR Scholars

  • James Armentani (Finance; Marketing) - Mentor: Chen Wang (Marketing)
  • Alaina Barca (General Business) - Mentor: Christopher Laincz (Economics)
  • Kathryn Dailey (General Business) - Mentor: Vadake Narayanan (Management)
  • Mehmet Derin (Finance) - Mentor: David Becher (Finance)
  • Benjamin Folk (Finance) - Mentor: Curtis Hall (Accounting)
  • Tatiana Fried (Accounting; Finance) - Mentor: Dana D'Angelo (Marketing)
  • Tamyka George (Accounting) - Mentor: Yanli Huang (Marketing)
  • Andrew Gerges (Economics; Finance) - Mentor: Sebastien Bradley (Economics)
  • Allan Gichohi (Finance; Mathematics) - Mentor: David Becher (Finance)
  • Ada Li (General Business) - Mentor: Rajneesh Suri (Marketing)
  • William McKeown (Marketing) - Mentor: Pramod Abichandani (Decision Sciences and MIS)
  • Brian Milenki (Business and Engineering) - Mentor: Michelle Dolinski (Physics)
  • Ioan Octavian Rusu (Finance; International Business) - Mentor: Andre Kurmann (Economics)
  • Aiswarya Sama (Marketing) - Mentor: Rajneesh Suri (Marketing)
  • Isabella Santosusso (International Business) - Mentor: Stephen Mullin (Public Policy)
  • Soleil Smith (Business and Engineering) - Mentor: Chen Wang (Marketing)
  • Patrick Stewart (Marketing) - Mentor: Chen Wang (Marketing)

Past STAR Research Projects