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Finance Research

Most faculty research pertains to corporate finance or corporate governance. In the finance area, research topics include mergers and acquisitions, dividend policy, capital budgeting, issuing securities, and capital structure. Some faculty work in investments with a focus on behavioral finance, mutual funds and hedge funds. Research topics in corporate governance include board composition, executive compensation, director reputation, board input into mergers and acquisitions, and issues relating to bankruptcy and fraud.

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Highlighted Research

  • Lowry, Michelle, ES Risks and Shareholder Voice. Review of Financial Studies (Forthcoming).

  • Fich, Eliezer M., Parrino, Robert, and Tran, Anh, When and how are rule 10b5-1 plans used for insider stock sales?. Journal of Financial Economics 149 (Jul 2023):1-26.

  • Fich, Eliezer M., Harford, Jarrad, and Tran, Anh, Disloyal Managers and Shareholders’ Wealth. Review of Financial Studies 36 (May 2023):1837-1888.

  • Lowry, Michelle, Bucking the trend: why do IPOs choose controversial governance structures and why do investors let them?. Journal of Financial Economics 146 (Oct 2022):27-54.

  • Nini, Gregory, Griffin, Thomas P., and Becher, David A., Creditor Control of Corporate Acquisitions. Review of Financial Studies 35 (Apr 2022):1897-1932.

Latest Research

  • Dorn, Daniel, Rational Disposition Effects: Theory and Evidence. Journal of Banking and Finance 153 (Aug 2023).

  • Fernandes, Nuno, and Fich, Eliezer M., Are outside directors with greater board tenure valuable? Evidence from the last credit crisis. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 42 (Feb 2023):107037.

  • Fich, Eliezer M., Petmezas, Dimitris, and Nguyen, Tung Duy, The Effect of Terrorist Attacks on Inventor Productivity and Mobility. Research Policy 52 (Jan 2023):104655.

  • Tsetsekos, George, Sovereign Debt Sustainability, Debt Relief Initiatives and Restructurings in the COVID-19 Era. Multinational Finance Journal 25 (Aug 2022):115-149.

  • Tsetsekos, George, Sovereign Debt, Management, and Restructurings during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Multinational Finance Journal 25 (Aug 2022):63-71.

  • Lowry, Michelle, What’s good for women is good for science. The Review of Corporate Finance Studies 11 (Aug 2022).

  • Fich, Eliezer M., and Xu, Guosong, Assimilation Effects in Financial Markets. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Forthcoming (May 2022).

  • Keswani, Aneel, Tran, Anh, and Volpin, Paolo, Institutional Debt Holder Governance. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 56 (Sep 2021):2103-53.

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