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Management Research

Drexel LeBow’s Department of Management focuses on two areas of expertise, each with specific research interests.

Areas of Expertise

Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Focuses on technology commercialization, social networks, cognition and strategy, firm performance and issues in venture capital.

Organizational Behavior

Focuses on teams and leadership, work-family balance and deviant behavior in the organization.

Latest Research

  • Hora, Snehal, A meta-analytic examination of the gender difference in perceptions of creative performance.. Journal of Applied Psychology 107 (Jan 2022): 1926-1950.

  • Kim, Keongtae, Lee, Jeongsik, and Gopal, Anand, Soft but Strong: Software-Based Innovation and Product Differentiation in the IT Hardware Industry. MIS Quarterly 46 (Jun 2022): 1273-1294.

  • Ma, Dali, The Intersection of Economic, Social, and Political Forces: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Family Businesses in China. Management and Organization Review 18 (Apr 2022): 216-222.

  • Kurz, David B., To Transform to a Digital Supply Chain, Don’t Overlook People Skills. Supply Chain Management Review (Jan 2022):

  • Wolfson, Mikhail, D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Bell, Suzanne, Dynamic Team Composition: A theoretical framework exploring potential and kinetic dynamism in team capabilities. Journal of Applied Psychology (Nov 2022):

  • Alberti, Caroline, Young, Ashlynn, Witt, Kristian, and Chandran, Suresh, Carbon Management Technologies and Its Crucial Role in the Sustainability Debate. Air and Waste Management Association National Proceedings (Oct 2021):

  • Mawritz, Mary, Farro, Andrea, Kim, Joongseo, Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Bonner, Julena, and Wang, Cynthia, Bottom-Line Mentality from a Goal Shielding Perspective: Does Bottom-Line Mentality Explain the Link between Rewards and Pro-Self Unethical Behavior?. Human Relations (Forthcoming)

  • Resick, Christian, Nadkarni, Sucheta, Chu, Jenny, Chen, Jianhong, Lien, Wan-Chien, Margolis, Jaclyn, and Shao, Ping, I Did it My Way: CEO Core Self-Evaluations and the Environmental Contingencies on Firm Risk Taking Strategies. Journal of Management Studies (Forthcoming)

  • Lee, Jeongsik, Jung, Hyun J, and Park, Hyunwoo, Rare is Beautiful? Rareness, Technology Value, and the Moderating Role of Search Domain and Knowledge Maturity. Production Operations Management Journal (Forthcoming)

  • Albert, Daniel, Martignoni, Dirk, Menon, Anoop, and Siggelkow, Nicolaj, The Power of open-minded simplicity in mental models. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (Aug 2022):

  • Webster, Brian, Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Mawritz, Mary, and Reid, Robert, Powerful, high-performing employees and psychological entitlement: The detrimental effects on citizenship behaviors. Journal of Vocational Behavior 136 (Forthcoming)

  • Lee, Jeongsik, Park, Hyunwoo, and Zaggl, Michael, When to Signal? Contingencies for Career-Motivated Contributions in Online Collaboration Communities. Journal of the Association for Information Systems (Forthcoming)

  • Tzabbar, Daniel, Lee, Jeongsik, and Seo, Donghwi, Collaborative Density and Post-mobility Knowledge Spillover: A dyadic Approach. Strategic Management Journal (Forthcoming)

  • Tzabbar, D, Lee, Jeongsik, and Seo, Donghwi, Collaborative density and post-mobility knowledge spillover: A dyadic approach. Strategic Management Journal (Jan 2022):

  • Tzabbar, D, Cirillo, Bruno, and Breschi, Stefano, The differential impact of intra-firm collaboration and Technological network centrality on employees’ likelihood of leaving the firm. Organization Science (Dec 2021):

  • Sharma, Payal N., D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Kirkman, Brad, Why Leaders Resist Empowering Virtual Employees. Sloan Management Review (Oct 2021):

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