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Two people shaking hands sitting at an an office desk

According to the the 53rd Annual College Hiring Outlook, the job market for college graduates in 2024 will be as dynamic as it is promising.

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In the latest edition of Philly Nonprofits by the Numbers, we inspect the geographic distribution of financial resources across 12 Philadelphia neighborhoods.

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New research co-authored by TD Bank Endowed Professor of Finance Michelle Lowry, PhD, examines links between environmental technology innovation and lobbying.

Teresa Harrison, PhD, speaking at the Science of Philanthropy Initiative conference

Years of research on nonprofit organizations yielded a major platform for Professor of Economics Teresa Harrison, PhD, to help move the field forward.

Corp Governance Disclosure

Director skills matrices, which present qualifications and expertise in image-based formats, are becoming increasingly more common in proxy statements.

Phila Nonprofits

Philadelphia is home to more than 2,200 nonprofit organizations (NPOs). This month, we examine summary statistics for the city as a whole.

How boards add value

Companies that proactively review their portfolio and consider complete divestitures are more likely to create shareholder value, according to PwC’s research.

Career transition

In this month’s “In the Spotlight” interview Melissa Ludwig, Board Member of the Center for Corporate Governance, shares her experiences and advice.

A woman wearing a red shirt and a navy blazer standing next to a man with glasses wearing a light blue shirt and navy suit jacket

Three LeBow researchers teamed up for a paper that examined unethical behavior in the workplace and how leadership can create conditions that enable it.

Mathy Stanislaus, Esq. shares his thoughts on how the electric vehicle and battery industries can address the concerns of consumers.

Tanuja Dehne, CEO of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, shares her thoughts on the contributions of boards and committees beyond fiduciary responsibilities.

Evaluating the Efficacy of Computer-Based Learning title page

Jeremy Ray, DBA '23, focused his dissertation research on the effectiveness of training and information dissemination through computer-mediated communications.

Word or Action Title Page

In her research, Danesha Chisholm, DBA '22, delves into the intersection of organizational communication and social justice within the realm of human resource.