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Changes to All Zoom Meetings on July 19, 2020


June 29, 2020

Zoom announced, beginning Sunday, July 19, 2020, it will require the use of either a meeting passcode (previously referred to as password) or waiting room for ALL Zoom meetings, including meetings scheduled prior to July 19. If you already have a passcode or waiting room enabled on your Zoom meeting, no changes will be made. If you do not have a passcode set up, Zoom will automatically turn on the Waiting Room function for your meeting. All meetings created after July 19 must use one of these 2 options before the meeting can be scheduled.

To help assist everyone adapt to these new enforced rules, Zoom has expanded the functionality of the Waiting Room option. Under the new settings, waiting rooms can be configured to automatically admit participants signed in to the Zoom app with their official Drexel Zoom account ( while leaving non-Drexel participants in the waiting room. This option will replace the Only authenticated users can join option as the standard configuration for securing all LeBow Zoom meetings. The added benefit is that guest speakers/attendees can more easily be admitted to Drexel meetings while keeping potential Zoom-bombers at bay.

For instructions on how to begin using the new Waiting Room options, please refer to the Customizing Zoom Waiting Rooms knowledge base article.