Adding a non-Drexel Guest to a Drexel-Only Zoom Meeting

With incidents of Zoom Bombing on the rise, it’s important now more than ever to ensure your Zoom meetings are a safe, secure space for all your participants. To that end, many of you have begun to employ the Only authenticated users can join: People signed in with DrexelConect option when scheduling or editing Zoom meetings (please refer to the
Managing Participant Options in a Zoom Meeting
knowledge base article for more details.)

While this option greatly improves meeting security, it can present a barrier for non-Drexel participants such as guest lecturers, panelists or observers from joining in. Luckily, the Authenticated Users option can be manipulated during a live meeting to allow an outside individual a brief window in which to join the meeting while leaving the remainder of the meeting secure.

To do this, you and the guest participant(s) will first need to agree on a communication method for accessing the meeting. This can be be done either by specifying a time when the restrictions are removed or providing something like a phone number where the guest(s) can contact you when ready. Then, you can follow the steps outlined in the Allowing a non-Drexel Participant to Join a Restricted Drexel-only Zoom Meeting knowledge base article to temporarily disable the Authenticated Users security option.

Once a guest has entered the meeting, you re-enable the Authenticated Users option to resume normal meeting security.

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