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Changes to Email Forwarding and Categorization


October 16, 2017

In late June, students were notified by Drexel IT that the university was migrating all email accounts to the Office 365 platform. As a result of this migration, all account configurations including email forwarding were reset to defaults. This means, if you had set your Drexel email to forward to a personal email account, that forward was removed and your emails are only available through the Drexel email system.

Additionally, in September, Drexel IT implemented a new feature in Office 365 Mail called Focused Inbox. This feature separates out email into 2 categories, Focused and Other. The Focused inbox should contain emails that, based on various rules, are important to your everyday activities while everything else (such as promotional emails, advertisements, etc.) are placed in the Other inbox. However, sometimes important emails end up in the Other inbox.

If you are not receiving emails from your professors or fellow students, please to go the Office 365 Portal and click on the Mail tile to view your official Drexel email. Make sure to check both the Focused and Other mailboxes (the toggle is at the top of your list of emails). If you would like to set up forwarding again on your Drexel email, directions can be found on Drexel IT’s Office 365 support page.

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