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Economics: Health Economics

November 07, 2008

Dr. Mark Stehr is an expert in health economics, industrial organization, public finance, applied microeconomics, and public policy.

 One of Dr. Stehr's most noticeable research studies was his article "The Effect of Cigarette Taxes on Smoking Among Men and Woman" which was published in Health Economics.  He other writings include "Relationship between HIV Risk Perception and Sexual Behavior: Results from a Population-Based Survey in Mozambique" published in the International Family Planning Perspectives; "The Effect of Sunday Sales Bans and Excise Taxes on Drinking and Cross Border Shopping for Alcoholic Beverages" published in National Tax Journal; and The Effects of Mandatory Seatbelt Laws on Seatbelt Use, Motor Vehicle Fatalities, and Crash-Related Injuries among Youths" published in Journal of Health Economics.

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