Economics: Oil Industry

Dr. Shawkat Hammoudeh is an expert on energy issues and has conducted extensive research on the oil industry in the Gulf States. As the price of oil continues to rise, Dr. Hammoudeh can offer astute analysis on current conditions and future considerations of the oil industry and the push toward alternative energy sources. 

Prior to joining Drexel University in 1990, Dr. Hammoudeh was senior economist for the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries in Kuwait and served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jordan.

 Dr. Hammoudeh recent journal articles include: “Sudden Changes in Volatility in Emerging Markets: The case of the Gulf Arab Stock Markets,” published in the International Review of Financial Analysts; “Oil Sensitivity and Systematic Risk in Oil-Sensitive Stock Markets” published in the Journal of Economics and Business; and “Relationships among US Oil Prices and Oil Industry Equity Indices,” published in the International Review of Economics and Finance

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