PhD Student Selected for 9th NBER Research Boot Camp

School of Economics PhD student Ishan Ghosh has been selected to attend the 9th annual National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp in Cambridge, Mass., this summer.

The workshop aligns with Ghosh’s research interests – trade, offshoring and productivity. As he begins to form the basis for his dissertation, he’s interested in trying to understand how offshoring incentivizes firms to innovate, and what impact that has on firm productivity.

The workshops will be conducted by top-level researchers including John Haltiwanger (University of Maryland and NBER), Nick Bloom (Stanford University and NBER), Philippe Aghion (London School of Economics and NBER) and Scott Stern (MIT and NBER). “These are the top 1 percent of researchers in their respective fields,” Ghosh says.

With an extremely competitive selection process, the weeklong seminar is fully funded and organized by the NBER, and is attended by top scholars in economics and finance.

Ghosh, whose advisors are Andre Kurmann, PhD, and Philip Luck, PhD., is originally from Calcutta, India. Ghosh earned his master’s in economics from the University at Buffalo before coming to LeBow’s School of Economics.

Here in Philadelphia, Ghosh says he loves the city ambiance and biking around the city.

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