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Kauffman Grant winners pose for a photo

Economics Researchers Win Kauffman Grant


January 02, 2019

Andre Kurmann, PhD, associate professor of economics, and Ishan Ghosh, a fifth-year PhD in economics student, have landed a second grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to advance research concerning the dynamics of entrepreneurship. The grant includes $28K and access to a database called NETS (National Establishment Time Series), which will be used to investigate how entrepreneurship is related, or not, to the “gig economy” of part-time flexible jobs.

“This is very exciting because it allows us access to a firm-level database that is typically difficult to gain access to, and we are excited to work with Kauffman to combine this data with data from the U.S. Census to get a better understanding of what’s driving entrepreneurship,” Kurmann says.

The Census data is accessible from the Federal Statistical Research Data Center, which is operated and financed by a consortium of five research institutions that includes Drexel University’s Office of Research and is housed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Kurmann says this grant is a “direct return on that investment” as the access it provides to some of the nation’s highest quality Census data gave the Drexel researchers an edge in winning this grant.

School of Economics researchers previously won a Kauffman grant to study the effect of globalization and import competition on entrepreneurship.

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