Journal of Management Recognizes Accomplishments of Dr. Jeffrey Greenhaus

A recent article in the Journal of Management highlighted the accomplishments of Dr. Jeffrey Greenhaus, professor of management and William A. Mackie Chaired Professor, and the prestige he has brought to Drexel University and LeBow College of Business since joining the University in 1981. The article named Dr. Greenhaus among the 150 most-cited authors in the field of management - at number 56. The article noted that Dr. Greenhaus’ work was cited at least 1,184 times between 1981 and 2004.

The authors also broke down this time period into five different increments, and ranked the top 150 management professors according to number of citations during these four- and five-year increments. Dr. Greenhaus was ranked 63rd for 1981 to 1984; 49th for 1985 to 1989; 80th for 1990 to 1994. He was also recognized in the article for being among the top 150 most cited professors of management for three of the time-period increments that were studied. “This statistic clearly illustrates sustained impact over time (i.e., not just one article that got cited a lot),” said Dr. Jonathan Ziegert, professor of management.  “Indeed, there are only 11 other management scholars who made more appearances over the time periods than Dr. Greenhaus.”

These are obviously tremendous rankings illustrating Dr. Greenhaus’ very impressive accomplishments over the last 25 years,” said Dr. Ziegert. “They definitely represent another positive indicator of the large impact that he has had on the field.”

LeBow College congratulates Dr. Greenhaus on these tremendous rankings and thanks him for all the recognition and prestige he has added to the College over the years.

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Jeffrey Greenhaus, Ph.D., Drexel LeBow’s William A. Mackie Chaired Professor, knows a thing or two about commitment. He’s been a member of the College’s faculty for more than 30 years. He’s been married to his wife, Adele, for 44 years. He even lives in the same Cherry Hill, N.J., home that he and his wife purchased in 1981, the year he joined the faculty.