BRIDGE Tackles Tech on Spring Break

  • By Jamila Johnson
BRIDGE Students Take a Photo Over Spring Break Trip

LeBow BRIDGE Learning Community students sought a different kind of fun in the sun while visiting San Francisco, California over spring break.

BRIDGE students visited the headquarters of YouTube, Netflix, Salesforce, Sephora, Adobe and Presidio Trust, meeting with industry leaders and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of these household names.

For Micaiah Levy, a pre-junior studying international business and marketing, the intimate nature of the trip set the visit to San Francisco apart from other site visits. “The representatives of the companies [we] went to were much more personal and open to answering life questions,” she said. “I was able to relate to the company representatives more which gave me a better understanding of what my professional life would be like if I were to work at some of these places with the people currently employed there.”

BRIDGE students host Adobe’s Drexel U Creative Club, an initiative that exposes college students to career opportunities and provides resources for development, and through the visit were able to work on creative projects and get an exclusive look at upcoming features of Adobe software and insights into career possibilities at the company.

For Levy the trip provided her with life lessons she can take with her as she continues on his professional journey. “My takeaway from this trip is that everyone is on their own path, and where you are doesn’t designate where you’ll be in a couple years,” she said. “I just have to remember to work hard in all things I do because wherever I am, I’m there for a reason even if it’s just to learn something from someone.”

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