LeBow Hosts First Deloitte Case Competition

Story Highlights

  • LeBow hosts business technology case competition sponsored by Deloitte.

  • Winning team members: Brad White; Ishita Sigh; Nga Thanh Vi; Scott Williams; Stephanie Tran and Tian Zou.

LeBow hosted a business technology case competition April 27 with first-time corporate sponsor Deloitte. Winning team members included Brad White, Ishita Sigh, Nga Thanh Vi, Scott Williams, Stephanie Tran and Tian Zou.
The daylong competition brought together 30 undergraduate students from LeBow, the College of Information Science and Technology (iSchool), the College of Engineering, and the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, along with leadership representatives and consultants from Deloitte.
During the event, teams were presented with a complex case and had to present innovative findings to a simulated client and board of Deloitte delegates. In addition, a number of Drexel alums who are current Deloitte employees attended the event to show their support and lend a hand evaluating teams. Alumni attendees included Rebecca Kim, Blake Walinsky, Marianne Foo, Anubhuti Singh, Sarah Donnelly, Chris Giardinelli and Kevin Lutsch.

“Drexel LeBow was excited to host our first Deloitte business technology case competition,” Program Manager Liz Pelberg-Schariter said. “We had a great and competitive student turnout. It was also exciting to welcome back so many Drexel alums. We look forward to next year’s competition.”

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