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LeBow MBA: Former Eagles Defensive End Victor Abiamiri


October 24, 2012

There’s a new big man on campus.

Victor Abiamiri, a former defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, was a second round draft pick out of Notre Dame in 2007. This year, when he became a free agent, he joined a new team – Drexel LeBow’s one-year MBA cohort.

Originally from Baltimore, Victor says he’s always had an interest in business. He did internships throughout high school and during his time at Notre Dame, where he majored in finance. “Getting my MBA will be the best way for me to transition from playing in the NFL to having future career success.”

Victor says his favorite thing about being a Philadelphia Eagle was his teammates. “Not being from the area, my teammates became my extended family. That camaraderie and those off-the-field moments are probably what I’ll miss the most about playing.”

Likewise, he sought out an MBA program that would provide camaraderie. “The accelerated one-year cohorted program was a real selling point for me. Earning my MBA quickly while working closely with a smaller group of people is the best way for me to prepare myself for the work environment.” 

Victor says he learned a lot about himself while playing in the NFL. “I faced a lot of adversity while playing, a lot more than I had faced at any other point in my life. Managing the stress and the physical demands of an NFL season as well as battling to come back from multiple severe injuries showed that I can handle any kind of adversity that I encounter.”

After graduation, Victor thinks he’ll probably work in finance, but says he’s not locked in to a particular position or industry. He would like to stay in the area, if he finds the right opportunity, because he’s made it his home.

Little Known Fact

Despite being a retired pro football player, Victor’s usual ride to campus isn’t a fancy car: it’s a Vespa scooter. “I love riding my Vespa through the city, and I usually ride it to class,” he says.

Favorite Philly Eats

“Philly has a lot of great restaurants, and I love to eat.” His favorites include the pastrami sandwich and carrot cake from the Kibitz Room Deli and burgers from Village Whiskey.