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Meet Moh’d-Ghayeb, Graduate Student Speaker for the LeBow Class of 2021

May 28, 2021

Moh’d-Ghayeb, a 2019 Fulbright Scholar originally from Bahrain, completed his Master of Science in Marketing in March 2021, with a graduate minor in Communications, Culture and Media and a concentration in Arts Management. During his time at LeBow, Ghayeb was a mentor for first-year master’s students, a remote course facilitator for Digital Marketing and a distinguished member of the Drexel University Percussion Ensemble.

Prior to his studies at LeBow, Ghayeb was an investment professional, a nonprofit guru and a cultural ambassador for Bahrain, representing his home country in various professional, cultural and artistic forums worldwide. He is currently working as an Associate Marketing Growth Specialist at Yellowdig, an online learning platform that supports student engagement.

In this Q&A, Ghayeb shares memories of bonding with his fellow students, the support he’s received from faculty and staff and how his time at LeBow has shaped his approach to work and life.

Q: What are some highlights or memorable moments from your time as a student at LeBow?

Moh’d-Ghayeb: Besides the funny incidents in class that will never be forgotten, I believe extracurricular activities, get-togethers, and competitions were the highlight of my journey as a LeBow graduate student. Nothing showcases the Drexel spirit better than these events! Starting with our program kick-off at The Post, all the students in the master’s and MBA programs met in a very casual, laid-back atmosphere. I remember playing arcade games and socializing with everyone, and then singing with the live band that was performing that day.

Another highlight was the annual Marketing Crisis Challenge. My team and I made some fond memories by competing relentlessly against four other teams for a whole day. We ended up finishing second, and our pictures after the result was announced were priceless – I always go back to them when I want to have a good laugh! I also enjoyed the Global Day event, where we celebrated the diversity of the LeBow community by having food and listening to music from all the countries that LeBow students come from. We were encouraged to wear traditional clothes; I didn’t have any, so I had to make do: I wore Bahrain’s flag as a cape. I looked pretty goofy, but I do remember getting a few compliments!

Q: Who are some of the individuals from LeBow’s faculty and staff who have helped and supported you during your time here, and what impact did they have on you?

MG: I think all faculty and staff deserve a shoutout, but if I were to choose two, I would go with my program manager, Noor Jemy, and Clinical Professor of Marketing Lawrence Duke. Noor has always been there from day one to answer my questions and to help fill out the long Fulbright forms, but most importantly, she helped me choose a graduate minor, which turned out to be a huge part of my LeBow journey.

As for Professor Duke, he taught my favorite course, Digital Marketing, which really was key in securing my six-month internship. I also had the privilege of working again with him a year after taking Digital Marketing, as he chose me to be the Remote Course Facilitator. It was extremely rewarding to revisit my favorite course and understand it from the inside out.

Q: Looking back on your time at LeBow, how would you say you have grown or changed from you first arrived?

MG: I have grown so much in the past 18 months! Being surrounded by professionals who are either working or have worked in relevant industries was extremely beneficial. It made me change the way I perceive career and work life, and I feel I now have a career philosophy that actually works. I would not have achieved this if I hadn’t pursued my master’s.

Q: What accomplishment from your time at LeBow are you most proud of?

MG: Graduating with honors in the midst of a global pandemic while still being an active student on campus was undoubtedly a remarkable milestone. Besides all my other accomplishments, I think I will cherish this one the most.

Q: How did your time at LeBow prepare you for your current job role?

MG: As a generalist, I have never wanted to be specialized in something specific, and that has been a roadblock to my career development, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. With Drexel’s quarter system, you end up taking more courses of a wide variety to fulfill the requirements for your degree, and that helped me discover what I like the most in the world of marketing. Additionally, the graduate minor I chose in Communications, Culture and Media really positioned me well for my current job.

Q: What are you planning to share in your message to your fellow graduates?

MG: I am really bad at goodbyes, so let me try this: It’s been a great life-changing run with you all! This might be the end of our program, but it’s definitely the start of a new chapter in our lives. We have gone through a lot and suffered from unforeseeable and unprecedented circumstances but think of it this way: it made us much stronger! So, let’s go out there and make the world ours!

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