PR Tips From an NPR Writer/Entrepreneur

Story Highlights

  • Spolan occasional directs and writes for the NPR.

  • Content marketing trumps advertising.

  • It's important is to engage with and develop a relationship with journalists.

Sue Spolan, occasional director and writer for the NPR program Fresh Air and founder of the digital content agency, shared her wisdom with a group of young professionals at a recent seminar hosted by the Laurence A. Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship.

Among her tips:

  • Content marketing trumps advertising because it creates demand and gives potential customers something that traditional advertising can’t give – trust.
  • The traditional press release is not dead, but what’s really important is to engage with and develop a relationship with journalists – another type of customer base – so that they become your advocate.

Tom Peduto, a LeBow alumnus and entrepreneur currently serving as the director of marketing for, a Baiada incubator company, says “We’ve been toiling away on our product so intently that we’ve had barely a minute to spare on PR. Now we find ourselves less than a month from launch and beginning implement our marketing plan. Today’s event gave us the right frame through which to view our customers and how to reach them.”

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