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Rajeev Nunna, Undergraduate Student Speaker for the Class of 2022

Q&A with Rajeev Nunna, Undergraduate Student Speaker for the Class of 2022


May 19, 2022

When the spotlight found Rajeev Nunna a few years ago, he was ready for the moment.

Before being selected to ask then-presidential candidate Joe Biden a question at a Philadelphia town hall in advance of the 2020 election, Nunna had become an increasingly active and visible member of the LeBow community. As a Peer Leader, vice president of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board (DSAB) and treasurer of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, Nunna’s time at Drexel had been marked by an increased willingness to be out front as a leader and work directly in supporting his fellow students.

His moment with the former vice president — and future president — marked a major milestone in his growth as a student and as a leader.

“When looking back to who I was when I first arrived, the biggest change I’ve noticed in myself has been a huge improvement in my ability to interact with and get to know people from a broad array of backgrounds,” he says. “The experiences I’ve been so fortunate to have in LeBow have made me more confident in navigating professional and corporate settings.”

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Major: Finance, minor in history
Post-commencement plans: Emerging markets trader at Morgan Stanley in New York City

Drexel LeBow: What are some highlights or memorable moments from your time as a student at LeBow?

Rajeev Nunna: Serving as a member of DSAB has been one of my most favorite experiences in LeBow. Being able to participate in projects such as advising on LeBow’s curriculum redesign, taking part in photo shoots for brand campaigns, hosting workshops for first-year students on Excel and LinkedIn and working with LeBow’s Board of Trustees has allowed me to get to know so many of the amazing people in LeBow and has made my time at Drexel very memorable.

DL: Tell us about an important lesson you took away from an academic course.

RN: The ten-week quarters at Drexel fly by very quickly, and it was certainly an adjustment during my first year. The biggest takeaway was that it’s important to plan ahead and manage your time effectively to be able to balance all your commitments both inside and outside the classroom.

DL: Who are some of the individuals from LeBow’s faculty and staff who have helped and supported you during your time here, and what impact did they have on you?

DL: Assistant Clinical Professor of Finance Bradford Sodowick has been one of my favorite professors in LeBow. I’ve had the opportunity to take multiple courses with him and have enjoyed both his teaching style and his commitment to student success. I’m very grateful for the words of encouragement and advice that Brad has given me, and I’ll miss being able to take his courses after I graduate.

Caitlin Brady is another member of the LeBow family that has had a tremendous impact on my professional and leadership development. Caitlin works very hard to make sure that all the student leadership programs and learning communities in LeBow are fun, engaging and meaningful. She helps students develop as leaders by giving them the freedom and support to pursue anything that interests them that also benefits the college. She’s opened so many doors for DSAB to be able to serve the student body and improve the college and I’m incredibly thankful for all that she does.

DL: What accomplishment from your time at LeBow are you most proud of?

RN: I’ve loved being able to present at Admitted Students Days to share my experiences at LeBow with prospective new students. When I visited campus for the first time as a high school senior, it was the students presenting on that panel that sold me on attending Drexel. Having the opportunity to pay that forward has been very rewarding.

DL: How did your time at LeBow prepare you for your current or upcoming job role?

RN: One of the best parts of how LeBow’s curriculum is designed is the large number of options available to take non-traditional course formats such as consulting-style classes and global classrooms. Taking a consulting-style course was a great eye-opener for me on what to expect in corporate settings as each week we interacted with working professionals in the course. Our final projects were judged by industry professionals which helped me become more confident when presenting in non-academic settings.

DL: What are you planning to share in your message to your fellow graduates?

RN: The past few years have been challenging and turbulent for everyone, especially for students in college. In my message to our graduating class, I want to recognize everyone’s resilience and perseverance through these recent tough times, as well as thank the LeBow faculty and staff for all the support they’ve given us.

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