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Using Zoom to Provide Remote Assistance


May 12, 2020

Whether guiding a student in class or assisting a colleague on a project, one of the best options we often have for helping them is to go over to their work station and “see what they see”. While our current working/teaching conditions during the campus shutdown appear to limit those everyday interactions, there is an option available to everyone.

Zoom offers a Remote Support tool which allows the host of a meeting to remotely connect to a participants computer and provide real-time assistance. Zoom Remote Support is very similar to software LeBow Tech currently employs to assist with technical issues. With Zoom Remote Support, you can interact with a participants computer as a whole or just a particular application. This allows you to “see what they see” and demonstrate a discussion point live.

Zoom Remote Support is a great tool for guiding students or collaborating on a project with others. For more information on how to use Zoom Remote Support, check out the Providing Remote Assistance Using Zoom knowledge base article.

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