Media Mentions

LeBow College of Business faculty are highly sought after experts in their fields of study and often contacted by the media to comment on business-related issues in the news. Topics typically include the economy, corporate governance and finance. Below is a sampling of media placements. 

LeBow in the News

WalletHub's Best Gas Credit Cards

via Wallethub

Lawrence Duke, clinical professor of marketing, weighs in on the pros, cons and notable features of gas credit cards.

Paying College Athletes: States Consider New Legislation

via Wisconsin Public Radio Morning Show

Professor of Sport Management Ellen Staurowsky discusses college athletes receiving compensation under California’s Fair Pay to Play Act and potential conflicts with the NCAA.

NCAA 'not acting in good faith'

via Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Professor of Sport Management Ellen Staurowsky says, regarding states considering legislation like California’s Fair Pay to Play Act, “double down and come back at it even harder, because the NCAA has demonstrated that they are not operating in good faith.”

More Companies Are Openly Supporting Abortion Rights. That May Be Controversial, But It’s Also Good Business

via Fortune

An article on corporate stances on abortion cites research by Associate Professor and Stephen Cozen Research Scholar in Marketing Daniel Korschun, which found that consumers will respect when a values-driven company takes a position, even if it doesn’t correspond to their own views.

A college basketball celebration at the Garden, and a sport grappling with its future


In response to California’s Fairy Pay to Play Act and other name, image and likeness compensation, Ellen Staurowsky, a professor of sport management at Drexel’s LeBow College of Business, sees a benefit in allowing college athletes to access primary revenue streams.

What does the NCAA board’s vote on paying athletes actually mean?

via Mercury News

Professor of Sport Management Ellen Staurowsky says the changes brought by California’s Fair Pay to Play Act will positively impact all college athletes.

Tips to own your career: “It’s not who you know, but who knows you”

via AL DIA News

During Prospanica Philadelphia’s annual Career Excellence Expo, Associate Director for Outreach, Engagement & Professional Development Raquel Arredondo provided useful tips for one to own their career.

Prospanica Philadelphia hosting annual career expo

via Al Dia

Raquel Arredondo, associate director for outreach, engagement & professional development for Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, will be a featured speaker at Prospanica Philadelphia’s career expo, leading a workshop and providing strategies that can be used for individuals to own their careers.

The Rise of Private Equity

via Private Company Director

Former Chairman and CEO of Rohm and Haas Raj Gupta and TD Bank Endowed Professor of Finance Michelle Lowry discuss three key factors underlying the growth in private equity.

Taking a Stand: Corporate Political Activism

via Marketing with Wharton's Hip Hop Prof

Daniel Korschun, PhD, associate professor and Stephen Cozen Research Scholar in Marketing, talks with Wharton School of Business professor Americus Reed about corporate political activism and his advice for companies participating in political activism.