Media Mentions

LeBow College of Business faculty are highly sought after experts in their fields of study and often contacted by the media to comment on business-related issues in the news. Topics typically include the economy, corporate governance and finance. Below is a sampling of media placements. 

LeBow in the News

Fund Investors Can Get Pre-IPO Access. But Is It Worth It?

via The Wall Street Journal

TD Bank Endowed Professor of Finance Michelle Lowry discusses the value of investors getting pre-IPO access.

Boeing has a 'crisis of confidence.' It's time for the board to step up

via CNN

TD Bank Endowed Professor of Finance Michelle Lowry discusses why Boeing should hire an outside organization to investigate Boeing’s recent grounding of the 737 Max jetliner and share the findings with the public.

Jamie Dimon on Wells Fargo: This is 'not the way to run the railroad'

via CNN

TD Bank Endowed Professor of Finance Michelle Lowry discusses the importance of a succession plan in crisis.

WalletHub makes it easy to find the best Wells Fargo credit card.

via WalletHub

Clinical Professor of Marketing Lawrence Duke lends his expertise on the features of Wells Fargo’s credit card offerings.

Our Grocery Stores, Ourselves

via Eater

Associate Professor of Marketing Daniel Korschun discusses what drives customer loyalty to grocery stores and key concepts in his book, “We are Market Basket.”

Latest trends in MBA degrees: Shorter duration, more specialized and you can get one at Vanguard

via The Philadelphia Inquirer

Senior Associate Dean of Academic Programs Vibhas Madan discusses the future of industry MBA programs and the Vanguard Drexel MBA, a specialized graduate program designed by Drexel LeBow to address the specific educational needs of Vanguard employees.

Is the U.S. Headed for Another Recession?

via NBC Philadelphia

Economists are split on whether or not the United States is headed for another recession. Associate Professor of Economics Marco Airaudo, PhD highlights the key markers that indicate a recession, how economists' define the term, and a brief history of recessions in America since World War II.


Adding Value: Six Ideas for Bringing Out the Best in Your Board

via C-Suite: An Equilar Publication

Raj Gupta shares six recommendations for boards to make a true impact on their organizations.

Why Penn, Drexel are recruiting retailers, not just students

via The Philadelphia Inquirer

Drexel University President John Fry highlights the value of the student-run Saxbys on campus and discusses Drexel’s goal to create similar opportunities in the future.

Credit Cards for Excellent Credit

via WalletHub

Marshall M. Austin Professor of Finance Thomas Chiang shares his top tips for selecting credit cards.