Graduate MBA Degree Program

MBA Learning Outcomes and Competencies

The learning outcomes and competencies below the core of the Drexel LeBow MBA program and guide its curriculum. They are designed to enhance student success throughout the program.

Developing and Enhancing People Skills

  • Leadership and Collaboration - Leads individuals, teams, and organizations to attain common business goals and manage change
  • Communicating - Effectively communicates in writing and speaking in business settings
  • Professional Development and Advancement - Takes initiative and responsibility for one’s professional development and career advancement

Identifying and Solving Business Problems that Maximize Value

  • Identifying and Framing Relevant Complex Business Problems - Uses integrated problem solving and project management skills to identify, structure, and solve complex managerial problems
  • Structuring and Implementing Integrated Solutions - Integrates all business disciplines, uses decision-making tools to formulate an organization’s strategic direction and implements solutions to emergent business problems

Developing and Enhancing Business Acumen

  • Financial Acumen - Integrates quantitative and qualitative analyses to recommend financial decisions
  • Marketing Strategy - Applies marketing theories and tools to make sound marketing decisions and recommendations
  • Global Mindset - Integrates global perspectives to function effectively in diverse business contexts
  • Strategic Analysis - Provides the ability to develop a fine-grained analysis of the overall business situation of the firm
  • Information Systems and Analytics - Collects, manages, and analyzes data, and uses insights gained to set and achieve business goals
  • Business Operations - Applies quantitative and qualitative tools and operations knowledge to dissect, find structure in, and optimize operations
  • Business Law - Analyzes and applies the law in decision-making