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The Drexel Co-op

Co-op, short for cooperative education, is a program that provides students the opportunity to alternate academic study with full-time employment, gaining practical experience in their field of study prior to graduation. Students on co-op have the opportunity test career options and experience working full time in a professional environment. These learning experiences transcend what can be taught in just in the classroom.

Cooperative education is a hallmark of a Drexel education, and Drexel has been offering it since 1919 – operating one of the largest cooperative education programs in the nation. Over 1,500 business, industrial, governmental and other institutions “cooperate” with Drexel in offering students the opportunity to acquire practical experience in employment related to college studies. Drexel students also have the opportunity to explore research, national and international co-op experiences.

It may appear similar to an standard internship opportunity, but the Drexel Co-op is different in many ways:

  • Drexel offers six-month co-op experiences in contrast to many standard internships that are just two to three months
  • Drexel co-op opportunities are tied students’ areas of study and follow academic guidelines
  • Students earn academic credit for each co-op experience, which is listed on students’ academic transcript
  • The majority of Drexel co-ops are paid experiences
  • Drexel runs the co-op hiring process so students have access to the most possible opportunities, but students may also pursue co-op positions outside this process

LeBow students in the five-year program typically gain three professional experiences, totaling 18 months, for their resume before they even graduate. Interview skills, workplace etiquette, learning how to position strengths are all refined before graduation. When starting a career, this sets LeBow students at an advantage over students graduating from other universities.

For more detailed information about the Drexel Co-op, visit the Steinbright Career Development Center website.

Co-op by the numbers

More than 98 percent of eligible undergraduate students at Drexel participate in the co-op program, balancing full-time classes and up to three different internships.

Professional Business Students at Work

International Co-op

In today’s global marketplace, students who complete an international co-op enhance their ecareer opportunities by gaining an international perspective in their field of study.

International Co-op