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Economics is at the root of business decisions, government policymaking, and global relations. As a course of study, it can lead to diverse career opportunities, and is often viewed as excellent preparation for graduate programs in business, public policy, international affairs and law. Both the BA in Economics and the BS in Economics programs provide students with an understanding of the market system, as well as economic institutions, policies and development.

Why Major in Economics?

Our undergraduate programs include a BS and a BA in Economics, both of which combine coursework in economics and the functional fields of business administration within the context of a general scientific and humanities curriculum.

Undergraduate students in the School of Economics go on to roles in top companies or pursue graduate education in business, law and economics following graduation.

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Undergraduate Economics Degree Options

BS in Economics

The Bachelor of Science in Economics degree is oriented toward students interested in acquiring a broad-based education with a focus on quantitative and professional skills. BS in Economics students choose to concentrate their studies in either Business Economics or Mathematical Economics, or can choose to develop depth of knowledge in a secondary field outside of economics through our Coordinate Field Option. The Economics Major concentration is available to all students enrolled at Drexel LeBow.

BA in Economics

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics introduces students to modern economics within the context of a broad-based liberal arts curriculum. The degree is oriented towards students with interests in the less-quantitative features of economics and provides an even broader liberal arts education than the BS in Economics. BA in Economics students combine their studies in economics with a major or minor in another field of study.

Business Economics Co-Major

Drexel’s Business Economics co-major is designed for students who wish to receive a sound education within a specific functional area of business (primary major) while supplementing that knowledge with an overview of economics. The Economics Co-Major concentration is available to all students enrolled at Drexel LeBow.
Sample Plan of Study

BS / MBA Dual Degree

LeBow’s BS/MBA program provides academically qualified students with the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA with five years of study.

BS in Economics / JD Dual Degree (Bachelors Degree in Economics/JD Law)

This program is a modified BS in Economics that allows students the ability to consider a JD degree. Admittance to this program is conditional on successful admittance into Drexel’s Kline School of Law. This dual degree requires admittance separate from the Drexel LeBow School of Business.

Minor in Economics

A minor in economics provides a solid background in the application of economic theory to markets. Students complete standard courses in micro- and macroeconomics that emphasize core training in economic decision making.

Minor in International Economics

This minor provides the students a basic understanding of economics and exposes them to advanced topics dealing with international trade, multinational corporations and other aspects of international economics. The minor complements a variety of degrees, particularly for students interested in applying their major discipline within an international context or within a multinational corporation.

Minor in Behavioral Economics and Business

The minor in Behavioral Economics and Business offers students the opportunity to learn about decision-making from a variety of perspectives and should be of interest to those who wish to broaden their understanding of choices made by individuals, firms, governments, and other agents.

Additional Resources

All interested students should meet with an advisor. Make an appointment by calling the Undergraduate Advising Office at 215.895.2110.

    Average Co-op Weekly Pay: $680
    Top Co-Op Recruiters:
    • CHUBB (formerly ACE USA)
    • Comcast Corporation
    • Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    • PECO, an Exelon Company
    • Susquehanna Int’l Group LLP
    Top Graduate Schools:
    • University of Chicago (MBA)
    • Columbia University (PhD)
    • London School of Economics (MS)
    • Princeton University (MS)
    • University of Arizona (PhD)
    • University of Maryland (MS)
    • University of Michigan (JD)
    Average Starting Salary: $67,250
    Full-time employment data reflects the class of 2018. Co-op data reflects academic year 2017-2018.

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