Combined Economics Programs

Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Economics, Business  and Organizations

To meet the growing demands of today’s job market, the School of Economics has developed new, interdisciplinary degree options. Students can pursue a STEM-Designated Bachelor of Science with their choice of combined majors, which provides them with an opportunity to build a fundamental understanding of economics while developing specific skill sets in areas such as behavioral science, business, data science, math and public health.

The Bachelor of Science with a combined major in  Behavioral  Economics,  Business  and Organizations  integrates  economic modelling with insights from behavioral sciences to analyze and predict human behavior in economic contexts and organizations. The STEM-designated program combines  interdisciplinary coursework  in  economics, psychology, consumer behavior and organizational behavior with  comprehensive  training in  quantitative  research methods.

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What Career Can You Have with a BS in Behavioral Economics, Business  and Organizations?

Career opportunities for students who graduate with a BS with a combined major in behavioral economics, business and organizations include: market research analyst, operations research analyst, consumer data analyst, business analyst, behavioral analyst, marketing specialist, management analyst, economist, behavioral scientist and financial manager.

Additional Information

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