Combined Economics Programs

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business

To meet the growing demands of today’s job market, the School of Economics has developed new, interdisciplinary degree options. Students can pursue a STEM-Designated Bachelor of Science with their choice of a combined major, which provides them with an opportunity to build a fundamental understanding of economics while developing specific skill sets in areas such as behavioral science, business, data science, math and public health.

Students who pursue  a STEM-designated Bachelor of Science with a combined major  in Economics and Business study the functional fields of business  while building a foundation in economics. After completing core courses, students select from a range of  electives in both economics and business, and they have the flexibility to build skills in other areas of interest.

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What Career Can You Have with a BS in Economics and Business?

Graduating with business acumen, skills in data analysis and economic decision tools, students in this area of study typically earn starting salaries higher than those of more traditional business or economics majors.

Additional Information

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