Combined Economics Programs

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Public Health

To meet the growing demands of today’s job market, the School of Economics has developed new, interdisciplinary degree options. Students can pursue a STEM-Designated Bachelor of Science with their choice of combined majors, which provides them with an opportunity to build a fundamental understanding of economics while developing specific skill sets in areas such as behavioral science, business, data science, math and public health.

Through the combined STEM-designated major in Economics and Public Health, students gain a unique understanding of the factors underlying our health and well-being, including a clean environment, public safety, a healthy diet, adequate housing and access to health care. The interdisciplinary curriculum draws from the physical sciences, economics and the four areas of public health: epidemiology, community health and prevention, environmental and occupational health, and health management and policy. The Economics faculty have created a curriculum that connects economics directly to the needs of society; and faculty in the Dornsife School of Public Health have integrated human rights and social justice into the curriculum. Many students find research opportunities with our faculty or through research centers at the Dornsife School of Public Health.

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What Career Can You Have with a BS in Economics and Public Health?

Students are prepared for careers in health services organizations, health insurance, nonprofits and government while also building a strong foundational knowledge to succeed in graduate studies in public health, health sciences, public policy, economics or other social sciences.

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