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Academic Conference on Corporate Governance

The annual, invitation-only conference highlights the profound research by top professors around the world on issues related to corporate governance and the boardroom. Each year, we accept submissions of working papers related to corporate governance in the fall, with the submission deadline typically falling in mid-November. The conference generally takes place in mid-April, and registration typically opens in February.

Topics span a broad array of issues related to corporate governance, which includes (but is not restricted to) Boards of Directors, compensation, shareholder activism, mergers, debt as a form of governance, ESG-related issues, political influences on governance, etc.

There is a best paper award of $1,000 sponsored by WRDS.

To submit a paper for the 2020 Academic Conference, please click here.

Conference programs from recent years can be found below:

The Corporate Governance Center would like to thank our Fellows, who also serve as the program committee:

  • Renee Adams
  • Jeffrey Coles
  • K.J. Martijn Cremers
  • Diane Del Guerico
  • David Denis
  • Diane Denis
  • Laura Field
  • Nick Gantchev
  • Todd Gormley
  • Tom Griffin
  • Jarrad Harford
  • Peter Iliev
  • Wei Jiang
  • Dalida Kadyrzanova
  • Jonathan Karpoff
  • Nadya Malenko
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Lalitha Naveen
  • Micah Officer
  • Gordon Phillips
  • Anil Shivdasani
  • Anh Tran
  • Michael S. Weisbach
  • Jared Wilson
  • Tracie Woidtke
  • Yuhai Xuan
  • Ke Yang
  • David L. Yermack