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Center for Corporate Governance

The Center for Corporate Governance within the Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute explores boardrooms topics that expand the boundaries of current practitioner and academic knowledge, grounded in the latest research. Through its knowledge sharing initiatives, CCG fosters high-impact collaborations between corporate leadership, key governance experts and faculty members by providing objective, empirical evidence to previously unexplored questions facing board members and management teams in the public and private company sectors.

Bar graph and trajectory arrow visible through a pair of binoculars held by two hands

Paolo Volpin, PhD, and coauthors provide a study of the impact of cartel investigations initiated by the European Commission on companies around the world.

Illustration of multicolored people overlapping

U.S. publicly traded corporations exhibit significant discrepancies between their disclosed commitment to DEI and their actual hiring practices.

Illustration of a hand funneling money slowly into a bucket being held by a smaller person

Paul Décaire shows that rigid budgeting rules reduce investment efficiency and increase wasteful spending, especially in large and complex firms.

Revolving Door

Joseph Kalmenovitz, PhD, shows that regulators protect their outside option for higher-paid jobs in the private sector by avoiding post-employment restrictions.

Cubes being added and combined illustration

Paolo Volpin shows that mandatory disclosure of financial information facilitates new deal opportunities, leading to M&A activity and better acquisitions.

Illustration of one hand with a key unlocking a lock being held by another hand

When regulatory oversight is fragmented across multiple government agencies, firms incur higher costs and have lower productivity, profitability and growth.

Illustration of man holding umbrella as shield for arrows

A study by Greg Nini shows that creditors play an active governance role by blocking the restructuring tactics of distressed firms if they are value-destroying.

Business Meeting Illustration

A study by Naveen Daniel shows that mandating the appointment of a risk committee and a chief risk officer in banking institutions has no impact on bank risk.

hurricane and buildings illustration

Shareholders in areas hit by a hurricane change their perception of climate-related risks and become more likely to vote in favor of an environmental proposal.

Workers walking while wearing masks illustration

A study by Paolo Volpin, PhD and others shows that paid sick leave leads to higher labor productivity and firm profitability.

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