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Center for Corporate Governance

The Center for Corporate Governance within the Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute explores boardrooms topics that expand the boundaries of current practitioner and academic knowledge, grounded in the latest research. Through its knowledge sharing initiatives, CCG fosters high-impact collaborations between corporate leadership, key governance experts and faculty members by providing objective, empirical evidence to previously unexplored questions facing board members and management teams in the public and private company sectors.

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A study by Greg Nini shows that creditors play an active governance role by blocking the restructuring tactics of distressed firms if they are value-destroying.

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A study by Naveen Daniel shows that mandating the appointment of a risk committee and a chief risk officer in banking institutions has no impact on bank risk.

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Shareholders in areas hit by a hurricane change their perception of climate-related risks and become more likely to vote in favor of an environmental proposal.

Workers walking while wearing masks illustration

A study by Paolo Volpin, PhD and others shows that paid sick leave leads to higher labor productivity and firm profitability.

Illustration Capital Investment

Greg Nini shows that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, firms with the largest shocks to their expected future cash flows raised larger amounts of capital.

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Daniel Korschun argues that tackling climate change requires companies to use their resources to influence policies, public opinion and behaviors.

Illustration of a man looking at a cityscape with a magnifying glass

Michelle Lowry, PhD, dispels the claim that ownership of rival firms by one institutional investor encourages firm coordination and decreases competition.

Bullseye target with arrows

To what extent do fund managers possess the ability to generate excess returns from investing in firms before they become targets for a merger or acquisition?

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A study at the LeBow College of Business shows that modest cuts in the corporate income tax rate are associated with increased M&A activity.

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A study at Drexel LeBow shows that the U.S. managerial labor market takes into account corporate social performance when assessing the quality of CEOs.

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