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Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst and Director, Adobe Digital Insights




Digital Marketing

Business Challenge

After surveying more than 1,000 U.S. marketers, Adobe found that despite having access to more marketing performance tools and metrics than ever before, nearly ¾ still feel they need to be more data-driven to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Gartner reports that the Chief Marketing Officer will spend more money on technology this year than the Chief Information Officer, with the largest portion going to infrastructure (data storage, analytics and cloud computing).

Understanding that data creates new opportunities and drives high profits, Adobe sought to democratize data, emboldening all parts of an organization to become data-driven.

Analytics Solution

To equip marketers with the insights they need to be successful, Adobe introduced Digital Insights (ADI) which examines aggregated and anonymous data from Adobe Experience Cloud’s trillions of global digital transactions. Leveraging Adobe Analytics – the Company’s robust data analytics offering – ADI surfaces key insights for retail, travel and healthcare marketers.

Two of the most notable ADI reports include the Holiday Shopping Report – the industry standard for marketers as they prepare for and evaluate the holiday shopping season – and the Digital Economy Project – an economic report done in partnership with UC Booth, that provides dynamic, responsive data about the digital economy.


Adobe has established the Holiday Report as the premier source of consumer shopping habits and predictions, which many believe to be an indicator of economic health. The 2017 report alone garnered more than 10,000 pieces of coverage, up 54 percent from last year.

At Adobe Summit 2017, its marquee digital marketing event, Adobe unveiled Analytics Cloud, an expansion of Adobe Analytics now as a dedicated cloud, and the core intelligence engine for the enterprise. Adobe Analytics brings context to online and offline data, helping brands build brand loyalty, and powers ADI’s research and industry reports, which have become a main stake for today’s marketers.