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 Firdaus Bhathena, Chief Digital Officer





Business Challenge

As the healthcare insurance industry continues to focus on improving patient engagement and member experience, experts have observed a need for more personalized and simplified medicine. A personalized approach offers greater ease among patients, providers and payers. With this in mind, Aetna sought to develop a simplified healthcare experience.

With numerous options within Aetna for patient coverage, treatment and care, the company aimed to provide patients with transparent and actionable information, sharing how they can best navigate the healthcare system and determine which choices are most beneficial to their needs.

Analytics Solution

Aetna developed an omnichannel, multi-tool app whose interface is structured based on member interactions with the app. The app’s unique structure uses machine learning technologies to analyze members’ tool usage behaviors. Frequently-used tools are most visible in the front end of the app, while less-used tools reside in the back end.


Implementation of the app has enabled Aetna to learn more about its members. As a result, the company can provide patients with tools to simplify their healthcare experiences. Incorporating machine learning and deep learning models, data collected by the multi-tool app provides recommendations that ultimately lead to better service for patients.